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   Chapter 62 NO.62

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Updated: 2018-01-24 11:46

Salam and hello everyone!

Time for some explanation once again I guess, even though I hate explaining myself.

My wattpad life got really dramatic after writing YRM. Even if it's about issues regarding cousin marriage, Iddah, Mahnoor doing work for her brother or some silly girl stealing and proceeded to post my story on other websites. All and all, it's just....... argh!

Iddah and cousin marriage is Muslim's religious matter and I believe that we should respect every culture and religion.

So let's move on to about Mahnoor doing favors for her brother. Most feminists here didn't like Mahnoor working for her brother. Working for your family members who you love doesn't make you their slave. I am sure that Pakistani sisters know how much money we can make by simply pressing our brother's clothes. ;)

A majority of Pakistani siblings are like that, we serve food to our brothers and they also run to the market for us. Believe me, they do. I won't lie while eating pomegranate my big bro piled for me after coming home from his job. :)

Now, about the ending of the story... Most people believe in perfection, but to me, there is no such thing as perfect

like me to do so much work as I am already stuck on the prequel of this story which is "You Will Always Be Mine".

Now the answer to the questions asked:

? Mahnoor has given her resolve that she will not go to her parents' house where her husband is not respected but as Moosa said, their meetings can be arranged anywhere. So she is in touch with her family.

? The things which readers find incomplete will be completed in the prequel (YWABM) - The details of the attack, Ahad and Yawar's past, and other things.

You can ask any other questions you have and I will answer them. But please, no more curses. I am not good at handling it and no scolding too. I've had enough of them when I used to get failing grades in my pre-school life. So, no more. :l

Take Care! :)

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