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   Chapter 35

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Mahnoor“s POV:

It feel like moments pass in slow motion. No one says or does anything. But as soon as Moosa steps into the kitchen, Yawar quickly runs off saying, "Assalam o Allaikum, MB.... I just remembered I have work to do."


Now it“s just me and Moosa in the kitchen. He is staring at me and I don“t know what to do. He bends down, picking up the spoon and slowly walks over to me.

"S-sorry! I didn“t mean to hit you. It was an accident." I stutter.

"Take responsibility." Putting the spoon on the kitchen counter, he stood inches away from me.


"Wipe it."

"Take a bath. It will wash away eventually." I turn to the other shelve.

Instead of going back, he gets a hold of my hand and pulls me into a hug, burying his head in my neck. I gasped when the mixture came in contact with my skin. Now it is on my clothes and neck.

It“s gross....

My body jolted as he licks the mixture off my neck.

"Sweet revenge!" He whispered and pulls back with a satisfied smirk.

With that, he turns around on his heels and left, leaving me in utter shock. I stood still for a few more minutes until I hear Yawar“s voice.

"Ehm.... How long will you stand like this?" He didn“t make eye contact.

Don“t tell me.....

Heat start rushing in me and I left the kitchen immediately. Closing the bedroom door, I lean against it and face palm myself.

So embarrassing....

How am I going to face him now...?

I was so lost in thoughts that I didn“t notice the reaching presence to me and when I did, Moosa was already standing right in front of me, only in towel and a worried expression on his face. I quickly close my eyes because I am not in the condition to leave the room.

"Noor, are you alright?" His cold hands touched my cheek, sending shivers to my spine.

"Noor?" He calls out my name again when I didn“t answer.

"P-put some clothes on." I stutter and received a deep chuckle.

"So that“s why you closed your eyes." He stated.

"Good! Then stay like this because I will remain in a towel for a little longer."


Suddenly, my feet left the floor and I was scooped up bridal style. I gasped and open my eyes only to see his bare chest near my face.

Ya Allah!

I quickly close back my eyes. Soon, my feet touched the floor again.

"Open your eyes, Noor."

"Wear something."

"Noor, open your eyes." This time his voice held warning but I still choose to ignore it and the very next moment I regret it as cold water started pouring on me. I shrieked and open my eyes, only to find myself standing in the bathroom under the shower with Moosa in front of me, still in a towel.

"Let“s enjoy this shower together." He whispered, enjoying my startled state.

"No!" I quickly shook my head and wiggle to get free from his hands on my arms.

"Then.... Should I leave?" I nodded. It“s hard to breathe or talk like this.

"Turn off the shower." I scream.

But instead of turning it off, he pulled me out of it. I was trying hard to catch my breath when he gently placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Be quick, I really want to eat the cake." He said and left the bathroom.


Moosa“s POV:

I was about to enter my office when I received Natasha“s call.

"Hello, Assalam o Allaikum."

"Wallaikum Assalam! Moosa, are you free tonight?"


"Great! Have dinner with me. Both of you."

"Both of us?"

"You and Mahnoor, idiot.... I have to apologize to her."

"For what?"

"She asked me to send her a few dresses for summer but I was so caught up in exhibition that I totally forgot."

"Why did she ask you to send dresses?" I frown.

"Because she doesn“t have any summer dresses..... Why are you so blind when it comes to her needs?"

"I never stopped her from doing anything.... I also left my credit card in her drawer."

"And did you tell her to use it?"

"Why is

few minutes and his grip tightened whenever a man looked at me twice.


He buys me three dresses of his choice with matching clutches and sandals. He was so picky about my dresses and when it comes to his, he just randomly chooses different clothes and most of them were black and gray.

"You don“t like black colour?" Maybe he noticed something that made him ask.

"No.... But I think it“s too much." I said, looking at the black button up shirts, t-shirts and a Kurta.

"Would you select for me then?" He asked out of nowhere.


"Go ahead and select clothes for me." He pushes me to the racks and stood behind me.


Selecting his clothes???

My hands starts trembling, feeling his presence right behind me.

"Ah.... I don“t know what to choose." I turned to him.

"It“s fine... Just pick whatever you like." He says, looking at me with interest.

"But I don“t know anything about men“s clothing."

"That“s why I am here to guide you."

Why is he so persisting....?

I quickly choose three t-shirts and he silently buys it.

"Anything else you want?" He asks, as we leave the shop.

"Yes... I mean, no.... Nothing." I mentally face palmed myself.

How should I tell him that I need to buy some private things.

"What is it that you want?" He asks again, looking at me carefully.

"Nothing, really!" I shook my head.

"Hm... Then shall we leave?" I nodded timidly.

He takes the lead and biting my inner lip, I follow him. Suddenly, I bumped into someone“s back - Moosa“s back.

"What are you thinking?"

"Nothing...." He sighed on my reply.

"You“re such an idiot." He mumbles in irritation.

My eyes widened when he dragged me in front of a ladies shops.

"You could“ve told me. It“s not like I was planning to buy them for you." He is annoyed.

Is it easy to tell....?

"Hurry up and buy whatever you want. I“ll be waiting here." He handed over his credit card.

I feel my face heating up. I didn“t look at him, just nodded and rushed inside the shop.

This is so embarrassing.....


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