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   Chapter 34

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Mahnoor“s POV:

I look again at the box in my hand. I“d just received it a few moments ago with a bright red rose laid on top. It“s a cell phone - the latest one perhaps, and expensive too. It may sound weird, but I am not into cell phones much. Any model or brand is fine as long as it satisfies my need.

I open the box and took out the phone. I turn it on and start looking through its functions. Soon, a message popped up on the screen.

From: Moosa

“I hope you like the gift!“

I quickly check the contact list and found only Moosa“s number was there. I sighed on my stupidity and put the phone to the side. Only if I had remembered Papa or bhai“s number, I could“ve called them. Then, my eyes landed on the rose. It is a half bloomed flower. I“ve never receive flower from anyone, this is the first time. I gently touch its velvety petals. They are so soft and it feels so good against my skin. I keep on tenderly grazing the edges of the petals, just like how Moosa does when he is caressing my hand.

It“s been four days since he left. He didn“t keep in touch with me. I don“t know of his whereabouts or when he is coming back. It“s not like I miss him, it“s just..... everything seems so unfit without him.

"What happened to your hand?" My train of thoughts was interrupted by Yawar“s voice.


"Your hand. What happened to it?"


"Then why are you massaging it?"

"Huh?" I didn“t realize I was doing it.

"Oh! No reason."

"So.... Who sent this?" He asked, sitting in front of me with his eyes on the phone.

"Moosa." I murmured.


"Moosa." This time I said it loudly.

"No way! I never knew that MB could be this romantic. I wonder how far he will go to please his wife" He winked at me.

"Shut up."

"Aww! You“re blushing!" He teases.

"I am not."

"Yes you are.“

"No." I said more sternly.

"Fine! Whatever you say, Bhabi."

"Don“t you dare call me that." I warned him.

"Okay! How about I call you MB? As Mahnoor Bhabi..... Wow. You both are MBs...! It sounds like those cheesy old stories where parents decide their kids“ marriage arrangements when they are born and name them accordingly. Like Naeem and Naeema, Munir and Munira, Abid and Abidah, etc etc..."

Uff! Why does he talk so much???

"Well, whatever. I am just saying that I will call you guys MB and when you guys have kids, then they will be MB Junior..... Wait, but what will I call her if she is a girl?" He is talking loudly in a happy tone. All the maids working nearby had started smiling meaningfully.

Ya Allah....!

"Yawar, shut up!" I throw a cushion at him.

"Haye! Can“t a brother dr

d“ve done it long ago.The image of Moosa handing me his gun is repeated in my mind, making me shudder.

"Oh? Is that so?" He mocked.


"Ahan! Then give me a demonstration."


"Hit me with something."

"Shut up Yawar and go away." I turn back to my own work.

"Come on! Accept the challenge."

"Sorry! Unlike you, I am against violence."

"Don“t worry. I know you unquestionably can“t hurt anyone, even an ant." I didn“t even bother on answering him.

"By the way, I was thinking that both you and MB should go on a holiday."

"Shut up, Yawar."

"MB is a boring type of person, so you have to make the first move on your own, you know."

"Yawar!" My grip tightened on the mixing spoon and he took several steps back.

"Oh! I know. I will call Nats Api, she can plan a perfect honeymoon for both of yo-" Before he could finish his sentence, I throw the mixing spoon at him which he successfully dodge.


He laughed and turns around to pick the spoon and found Moosa standing behind him with his hand on his shoulder and the mixture on his face and shirt.

"Abe teri!" Yawar exclaimed.

I am dead....


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