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   Chapter 33

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Melody: Secrets (piano cover) by one republic ....

Mahnoor“s POV:

I silently got up, kissed Ami and Papa and walked out of the room, muttering “Allah Haffiz“.

Batting my eyes rapidly, I hold back my tears, not wanting others to see me crying as I am already centre of attention since I walked in with Moosa.

A heavy built guard followed me all the way to the car, where I found Moosa busy on his phone, already sitting inside. The guard opens the door next to Moosa and I jump in, mumbling “Thank you“.

The car started and soon I felt my hand was lift up from my lap and landed on his, with a firm grip of his hand above.

He is aware of my anger...

I can tell. I made a fail attempt to pull my hand, he is stronger. I sighed in irritation. Because of this man, I am starting to hate being a girl.

As the car stops in front of the house gate, I got out first and directly rushed to the room. Couldn“t hold back my tears anymore.


Moosa“s POV:

She didn“t wait nor look back but rushed straight into the house. I didn“t follow her but my eyes do, as far as she was in sight.

"To the base three." I sighed as I turn to the driver and gave my command.

Base three is not a particularly distant place but it“s in the middle of a residential area - the house in front of Noor“s house. It was rumored to be haunted because of its enormous size and it was empty for a very long time. So, it eventually became our interest. We did renovation on only the inside and underground, intentionally leaving the outer area untouched. No one is allowed to use the front gate.

The car stopped at the left side of the house where it“s surrounded by big trees. I silently pass through the secret gate, giving instruction to the driver to return. I enter the main door of the underground area and directly walk over to the monitoring room, knowing that I“ll find the one whom I“ve been looking for. I pushed the door and found Yawar leaning against the chair with his eyes closed.


"Hm? Oh... MB. Assalam o Allaikum."

"Wallaikum Assalam, I have work for you."


"Assalam o Allaikum Bhai." Shahina, one of our sixteen year old worker Salam me. I don“t like calling these girls maids. That“s why I instruct them on calling me Bhai.

"Wallaikum Assalam bache (kid).... Serve the dinner please. I am famished." I said, throwing a chocolate at her direction.

"Okay!" She catches and smiles.

"Where is Mahnoor? Did she eat anything?"

"In her room. And no, she didn“t eat anything."

As expected....!

"Okay! Bring the dinner to my room and make me a cup of tea in an hour, please." She nodded and left.

I walk up to the room, expecting to see sleeping Noor. She usually goes to sleep after crying and wouldn“t ea


"Di-nner?" I said slowly.

"I am not hungry anymore.... Allah Haffiz." With that, he left.

I stood there, staring into empty space. I wasn“t thinking anything, nor was I feeling anything except for a deep emptiness.

A knock on the door made me aware of my surroundings.

"Yes?" I say loudly and Shahina came in with a cup of tea.

"Umm... Bhabi, bhai asked me to make tea for him." She set the cup on the table.

"He is in the office."

"Huh? ....oh. Should I take it there then?" she inquires about the tea.

"Yes. And also, take the food too." She nodded and turns to the trolley but as she was about to leave, I call her back.

"Shahina, give me the tea." I come forward to take the cup from her.

"Babhi, you won“t like it. Bhai likes his tea strong."

"I think I can handle it... Make a fresh one for him please." I smile and she left with the trolley.

I was barely able to take a sip of the tea when I heard Moosa“s piano melody. It is different from usual. Anger, pain, madness - all three emotions overlapping each other, making my heart feeling heavy and somewhat..... guilty?

Go to him....

My inner voice told me.

There is a chunk of my heart that“s dying to rush down to him and ease his suffering. But I just remained there in the room, moving back and forth restlessly.

Ya Allah! What is wrong with me???


Salam and hello everyone!

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