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   Chapter 32 No. 32

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Moosa's POV:


"What are you doing here?"

"I- I was looking for Ahad." She stuttered.

"He is not in the house."

"Oh! Yeah... right. I forgot." She forced a smile and turn to go back.

"How much you have heard?"

"Probably everything." She turned back.

"I see."

"You're not angry?" She asked hesitantly.

What these girls take me for??? I am not Hulk...

"No! It's just... I don't want you, girls, to know about our work."

" Means all this... these human trafficking things are true?"I nodded.

"And you guys are not... um...Mafia or Gangster?" I chuckled on her confusion and shook my head in negative.

"So why you guys are pretending to be?"

"I would suggest you ask this to your husband." We both started walking to the living room.

"If he wanted to tell me, he would have told earlier." She made a displeased face.

"Yes, he would if I wouldn't have stopped him."

"But why you don't want us to know?"

"The world we live in and the things we hear and see is probably the society's ugliest reality. I don't want to scare you both."

"Thank you, Moosa."

"Wait!... Moosa? Is that how you're going to call your friend's husband?" I teased her to lighten the mood. I didn't want them to take strain about our work.

" Moosa Bhai?"

"Too common and I already have too many sisters."

Everyone calls me Moosa Bhai except Nats...

"Ah! I know... I'll call you Dulha Bhai (Groom brother, use for newly wedded sister's husband), or behnoi Sahab (sister's husband)."

"What? No way."

"Yes! I have made my mind." She smiled.

"You're just like Ahad." I said in amusement.

"What do you mean."

"You both have weird taste in names ... like Ahad call Noor tigress now you are calling me Dulha Bhai." I said sitting on the sofa.

"There is a story behind him calling Mano tigress." She chuckled.

"Really...? What is it?" I got excited.

"Mano never had an interest in animals and she especially doesn't like cats, maybe because everyone calls her Mano (toddlers often use Mano to call cats because of it Meows). Ahad used to have a cat when I was in tenth grade and Mano was in ninth. The cat was healthy and a bit unusual and Mano mistook it as a baby tiger when she first saw it and was afraid to go near it. She wasn't convinced of it being a cat until she heard its meow." She chuckled with a distant look on her face, "since than Ahad call her tigress."

"Oh! I didn't know she is that..." I stopped myself in the middle when I realize I was about to say my wife stupid in front of her best friend.

"Stupid!" Kanwal complete my sentence with an amused smile.

"Just because she is feisty doesn't make her clever. Mano is simple, sometimes to the point where you consider her stupid, but she has s very gentle heart. This is really admirable."

And which is not for me...

I got up feeling bitterness in me.

"Kanwal! I need a favour to ask."


"Don't tell Noor anything. Not about what have you heard and not what is Ahad going to tell y

"Ami please don't ask any questions." I pleaded.

"Don't ask? Why? My only daughter married to a killer and living with him and you want me not to ask how you are doing?" She got emotional.

"Sorry Ami, I didn't want to hurt your feelings. But believe me, I am fine." I put pressure on her hand.

"Don't lie to me. If you are fine then why do you have bags under your eyes? Why did you lose your weight?"

"It's nothing Ami, I told you I am fine."

"Mano! tell us. We are your parents." This time it was Papa.

"Yes Noor, you can tell them that I don't tie you to bed whenever I went out or give you three-time food and never ever hit you."


All of us turned to the door and found Moosa standing.

"What he is saying is true?" Ami asked in horror.

"What Ami?" I still don't understand what he said and why he said.

"That he hit you and tie you up?"

"Huh? No Ami. It's not true." I panicked.

"You're lying."

"No Ami why would I lie to you?"

"Mano tell us the truth. Does he hit you?" Papa said in anger.

"No Papa he didn't." I rushed over to him and hold his hand.

"Isn't it admirable Sasur-Ji how my wife cover up for me?" He said coming near to the bed.

What is wrong with him????

"Come on love! Time to leave." He whispered in my ear.

Maybe Papa has guessed what he said as his grip tightened on my hand.

"My daughter is not going with you."

"Last time I check, she is my wife and I have the right to take her home with me." Standing just behind me he hold me with my arms which I quickly jerked away.

"Noor I don't want to create a scene here, so why don't you be a good girl and come with me? I am already late." He whispered again.

"But I haven't met Bhai yet." I said.

" I'll be waiting outside. You only have five minutes." He said strictly.

"It's nice meeting you Mother and Father-in-law. We will visit you soon when you get better. Allah Hafiz." With that he left the room, leaving the three of us in uncomfortable silence.


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