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   Chapter 31

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Moosa“s POV:

One by one I shoot all bullets on my target. I“ve been feeling this restlessness since I saw Yawar in rage. I don“t know what came to his mind to make him behave like that.

"Moosa?" Ahad asked loading his gun again.


"Did you tell Mahnoor about her father?"

"No!" I fired a bullet aiming directly to the heart. Shooting is my favorite thing to do after playing the piano.

"Don“t do that Moosa. She won“t like this."

"She already doesn“t like whatever I do. So why bother, besides I don“t want her to meet her family or relatives. Specifically not her father." I said and shoot another bullet.

"Your grudge against fathers is foolishness Moosa because one day you also going to be a father yourself" I open my mouth to say something and close it. He is right, I should“ve thought about it.

"Tell me you are my friend or Mahnoor“s?" I sighed.

"Yours." He smirked shooting his target.

"I doubt that." I said walking outside and received his chuckle.


Mahnoor was switching channels when I went in and her hands stopped. Ignoring her tense body I sat beside her holding my phone out to her.

"Call you father. He is not feeling well and asking for you."

"H-how do you know?" Disbelief is written all over her face.

"They are on my watch so don“t ask more questions and call your old man." I throw mobile on her lap.

She quickly holds it and returns me back after a minute.

"I don“t remember his number." She mumbles.

I sighed and call his father, turning on the speaker. On second ring the call was attended by her mother.

"Assalam o Allaikum?"

"Wallaikum Assalam, Ami."

"Mano?" Her mother voice sounded shocked.

"Yes, Ami. How are you and what happened to Papa? I was told that he is not feeling well."

"He had a heart attack but Alhamdulillah he is better now. But tell me how are you meri bachi (my daughter)?"

"I am fine Ami." Tears start dripping from Noor“s eyes. I reached out my hand to wipe it but she shoved it away.


Mahnoor“s POV:

I felt a tight grip on my hand as I shoved Moosa“s reaching hand. He yanked me towards him. Not ready for what about to come, my body crashed on his making me yelp and phone dropped from my hand.

"Hello, Mano?" I heard Ami“s worried voice and ignoring him I quickly steady myself. Picking up the phone and answer her.

"Ji Ami? I am here?"

"What just happened now? I heard you yelp."

"I hit my foot, but it“s fine.... where is Papa? Can I talk to him?" I wanted to hear his voice before this monster beside me snatches his phone back.

I glare at Moosa but he was looking another side.

"Mano?" I heard Papa“s weak voice.

"Papa....! Assalam o Allaikum. How are you now?"

"I am fine beta (child) as long as I have your prayers with me I am fine." I bit my lip hard to stop myself from crying.

"I love you

welve and Moosa, do you remember the gang name Jehal?" He asked out of nowhere.

"Yes, why?" The frown on my faced deepened. This gang was one of the famous and most powerful gangs in human trafficking business. Yawar“s only sister was one of their victims.

"This group is raising again. According to our recourses, it is involved in these activities for commercial purpose."

Damn it!

"Are these videos already sold?"

"Yes! Through online shopping." I massage my temples. This is too much to take in.

"I have already shared this information with our alleys across the globe. As soon as I get a proper response I“ll inform you." I nodded.

"Good work!.... how is Yawar?"

"Sleeping. He had been working too much lately so I asked him to take rest."

"Hm!... Sarmad calls the local sweepers on the field right now. Tell them to be ready for an operation with government men, Munir will lead our squad. I“ll give you details after talking to few officials and remember after taking evidence, destroy every single video and photo that could be used against victims and leave no one alive."

Those devils should be sent to hell....!

He nodded and I end the video link.

I need to talk to Ahad before putting my hand into this. Jehal is no joke, messing with them is dangerous. I abruptly open the door and bumped into .......



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