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   Chapter 30

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Melody: Brickman- Mood Music

Mahnoor“s POV:

When the melody ended, we both remained in our places. I found my steps heavy and unable to go back. It“s like the air around here is stopping me from leaving.

"Noor?" He looked surprised but soon his expression went to normal and he held out his hand to me.

Reach....! Take his hand....

My inner voice told me and I did as it says. As soon as I put my hand on his, he pulled me to his lap and engulfed me into a hug.

His breath is labored, like he had run many miles just now. He isn“t his usual self. He is clinging to me like a person who is in need of someone by his side. I put my hand on his back and his grip tightened like his life depends on it.

Don“t know for how long we stayed this way and don“t know why I didn“t protest to being so near to him.

"Noor?" He whispered.


"I am going to sleep now. Don“t leave me until I wake up."

Sleep? Here???

"You should go to bed then."

"Will you be coming?" I nodded and quickly got up.

Ya Allah! I was sitting on his lap all this time....

I felt the heat rushing to my face and a gasp escapes from my mouth when my feet left the floor. The next moment, he starts walking whilst carrying me bridal style.

"P-put me down," I said, clenching his shirt. He didn“t answer me but continue on carrying me towards the bedroom. Every maid who saw us made a smile.

So embarrassing....

I ended up burying my face into his chest. His muscles tensed and I feel his heart racing. He carefully lay me down on the bed and before I knew it, he was on top of me. He nuzzled against my neck, making me panic.

"W-what are you-"

"Sssh! You said I should sleep in the bedroom.... now let me." He breathed out and kissed my neck.

"Shab-a-Khair (Goodnight), Noor." He says, yawning.

"W-wait. Don“t fall asleep. You“re heavy." I shake his shoulders so he could wake. But instead, two hands hold my wrists and brought them to the back of his neck. After that, I called him many times and tried to push him away but it is all gone to waste.

He is heavy. I am having a hard time in breathing and my body is starting to ache due to his weight on top of me. His warm breath is fanning my neck gently, sending shivers to my backbone. I gave up after several failed tries and waited for

awar! Calm down. Don“t let your anger take over you." I commanded.

"MB, I need to check something. I think I might know the cause of this.... Just give me a few hours." He said all in one breath. His face is red with anger.

I hope that kid could hold himself.....

"Fine! Do what you want but you“re not stepping outside the house today. Am I clear?" I said in a strict voice.

"Yes." Yawar said and went offline.

"Sarmad, can you go to him?" I asked.

"I am on my way..... But before I go, Moosa, I also have news for you. Mahnoor“s father had a heart attack yesterday night. He is out of danger the last time I heard and is asking for Mahnoor. Anyways, Allah Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz." He also went offline, leaving both Ahad and me in dead silence.

Why won“t that old man die and let Noor live in peace with me.....


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