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   Chapter 29

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Mahnoor“s POV:

I really didn“t want to go to the dinner with him nor do I want to be introduced to his business partners and friends. But who said I am allowed to deny what he says? So I silently obey and got ready for it.

"You look beautiful, bhabi. White color suits you." said the maid who came to help me get ready.

"Thank you." I force a smile and turn to the mirror.

The person I found there was not me. I never wear anything heavy or too fancy. It was never my style. But the girl standing in the mirror is wearing a heavy dress, heavy makeup, and high heels.

Bold, mature, somewhat calm and collected - The person I see is Moosa Khan“s wife.

Where have I lost Me....?

Feels like something stab in my chest. The maid had already left, so I lower my head and allow my feelings to flow from eyes.

Minutes later, I walked out the room and found Moosa talking on the phone and a cigarette in his hand. He is wearing black pants, waistcoat and white shirt with its sleeves folded. I snapped out of my thought when I heard him mumbling “Mashallah“.


This word pops up from the corner of my mind when I saw him strolling towards me. I abruptly lower my gaze and he came to a halt, few steps away from me. There were minutes of silence between us. I kept feeling his eyes on me and I kept my focus on his shoes.

He took a hold of my hand, places a gentle kiss on it and sighed.

"I don“t know what to do now.... Should I take you to dinner or back to our bedroom?" His words startled me, making me step back from him.

"Come. We will be late." He chuckled and pulled me.

We walked hand in hand silently out the house and was greeted by five well-built guards, wearing black uniform and holsters on the side. They all mumble “Assalam o Allaikum Bhabi“ as soon as they saw me. I also answered and then I felt Moosa squeeze my hand a little with a ghostly smile on his face.

He leads me to his vehicle, which happens to be a Prado again, but it is a navy blue this time. A guard opens the door for me and Moosa helped me sit. He jumped in from the other side and the driver Salam us both.

The convoy of two Jeeps, one bike, and one Prado start moving. I don“t get the point of this much security. It wasn“t this strict when we arrived here yesterday or maybe it is just a show off to the guests there. But regardless of the reason, I don“t feel comfortable with this.

I become aware of my sur

ong ago.“


“I hate you.“


Why is it that the most important girls in my life aren“t happy? And I can“t even do anything for them both..... I“m unable of traveling to the past to change everything for Nats, so that she will stay Nabila, not change into Natasha. Nor can I leave Noor, my only source of life.

I can“t do anything....


Mahnoor“s POV:

I was taking off my jewelry when I heard Moosa playing the piano.

I thought he had some work...

Yawar was right, he is skillful in it. Like always, his music is reflecting his emotion and it“s now showing his pain, sadness ....and disappointment?

But why is he sad.....?

Is it because of Natasha? I remembered her sad smile and how Moosa“s body language changed afterward.

Before I knew it, I was walking towards the music room. I silently stood at the entrance, watching him. His fingers were moving gracefully on the keys and his eyes were staring into space like he was in some kind of trance.

When the melody ended, we both remained in our places. I found my steps heavy and unable to go back. It“s like the air around here is stopping me from leaving.

"Noor?" He looked surprised but soon his expression went to normal and he held out his hand to me.

Reach....! Take his hand......

My inner voice told me and I did as it says. As soon as I put my hand on his, he pulled me to his lap and engulfed me into a hug.


Salam and hello everyone!

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