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   Chapter 27

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Pic of Moosa and Mahnoor“s bedroom!

Moosa“s POV:

I dismissed meeting earlier than it should be. Both Ahad and I didn“t do any further analysis on it. So, there was no meaning of wasting our time.

"After scrutinizing the whole situation, we will call for another meeting agai-" I cut stopped in the middle on hearing Noor“s voice.

"My husband is dead. This marriage is nothing more than a deal that I have done to keep my family safe."

I frowned but didn“t say anything. We just stood there and eavesdropped on their conversation.

My jaw clenched.

This girl..... is really going to regret it.

I rushed toward the living room.

"Moosa, don“t!" Ahad held my arm, stopping me. I jerked his hand and walked into the living room. Both ladies were looking at the entrance.

Without giving a single glance to my surroundings, I directly approach to a startled Noor.

"Meet me in our room in five minutes."


Mahnoor“s POV:

Knocking on the door, I walked inside with rapid heartbeats. He was talking on the phone on the other side of the room which gives a look of an office with a big office table. As soon as his eyes landed on me, he cut the call and quickly closed the distance between us, throwing his phone onto the bed.

"Would you mind repeating the same sentence you said to Kanwal earlier?" His voice was unexpectedly calm, something which rarely happens when he is angry.

"SPEAK." He roared, making me jump in fear.

A whimper came out of my mouth before words could and vision starts blurring due to tears.

"What? Cat got your tongue? Huh?" He roughly grabbed both of my arms.

"Can“t you understand I hate it when you talk or even think about that man." I didn“t answer, just kept looking down. I hate myself for crying right now.

"Look at me." I didn“t.

"I SAID LOOK AT ME!" He shouted again, holding my face up with both of his hands. I couldn“t look at him. Tears kept running down from my eyes. His anger is scary.

"It“s all about your family, huh.....? You only care about them, right....? Let“s see what will you do when I get rid of them." He suddenly left

r, so she learns to love me. I need her by my side and I have her. I couldn“t ask for anything more for now.

I slowly got up and walk to the kitchen to grab some fruits and a glass of milk for her. She is getting weaker day by day. That“s why I tell all the maids in the house to give fruits and juices as much as they can. I know she will not eat any fruit right now, which is why I also grab milk.

I walk back to the room and sat beside her.

"Noor.... Hey, wake up?" I slowly patted her cheek. She shoved my hand, mumbling something I didn“t understand.

"Noor." I whispered in her ear. She tried to shove me again but I caught her wrist and pulled her up into a sitting position.

"Noor, drink it." Carefully, I hold her and held out the glass in front of her.

"No, let me sleep." She pushed my hand.

"Noor, it“s milk." She opened her eyes a little, grab the glass of milk and drinks it all at once.


She puts the glass on the side table and lay down again, closing her eyes. I sat on the bed, looking at her sleeping face in amazement.

What is she....?


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