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   Chapter 24

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Moonstone Pendant Pic!

Moosa“s POV:

I woke up earlier than usual, don“t want to scare her first thing in the morning. I am well aware of my situation here. She hates me and scares from me. Well, I don“t care whether she“s scared of me or not but I don“t want to be hated by her more than she already does.

I took a long bath and changed into my formal clothes. I have a meeting to attend and Noor needs some time alone for now. So I better leave her and besides, Kanwal will be here soon.

Adjusting my tie, I walked over to the bed and lightly brush my lips on her before leaving.

I took out my mobile and call my personal assistant Owais.

"Assalam o Allaikum Bhai."

"Wallaikum Assalam. Owais, I am planning to go to the capital city tomorrow morning with Mahnoor. It will be a long visit, do necessary preparation. Yawar and Ahad will be leaving soon too and Sarmad is back from the field, assist him while we are out."

"Sure, anything else?"

"Yes, I want to see your face on my Walima dinner tonight." My business tone changed into friendly. I know it is hard for him to attend. He is a very shy person and doesn“t like to be in crowded places.

I make my way to the kitchen where a cook was preparing breakfast for Yawar.

"Assalam o Allaikum, Bhai. You“re up early today."

"Yes, something came up." I said as he serves me breakfast.

"Send a glass of fresh juice for Mahnoor and call me if she doesn“t drink."



Mahnoor“s POV:

My eyes slowly open to an unfamiliar environment and narrowed for a second before, scanning the entire room, then realization hit me. I quickly look towards the other side of the bed and found it empty. I waited to hear something from the bathroom, wondering if he might be there but the room remains silent.

He is not here....

Relief washes over me on realization with a strange emotion at the same time... like ....disappointment? ......dejection?

No, it cannot be.....

I violently shook my head. I wasn“t expecting him to leave me alone, that“s it.

I quickly brush my teeth, took a bath and change into a simple gray and white dress with pink embroidery and dupatta. I pray my missed Fajr prayer and start waiting for Kanwal, she told me yesterday that she will come. I was alone the whole day yesterday. Sometimes Natasha came to me to ask if I wanted something or wants to talk, but she wasn“t my friend and Kanwal was nowhere to be found. She showed up after Nikah and when I inquire where she was, she avoided answering.

I have seen Yawar yesterday, talking and laughing with others. Most

ith a ghostly smile on his face. As I put the empty glass on the tray, he pulled me into a hug.

"Good girl." He whispered in my ear and hold out his hand in front of me.

It was a bluish color stone pendant. It may not be beautiful but it is unique and captivating.

"What is it?" I asked, still staring at the pendant.

"A Moonstone Pendant. Your wedding gift."

"Your wedding gift will be the same Barbie doll which I broke on purpose and you cried for hours on it."

Kamil“s amused voice echoes in my head.

"I don“t want anything from you." I spat and he turned me around to face him.

"Did you say something, love?" His tone changed into a dangerous one, as he holds my chin.

"You heard me." I shoved his hand and instantly regretted it when I felt a tight tug on my hair, making me hiss in pain.

"You are still thinking about that man, aren“t you?" His voice held venom.

I gulped but didn“t say anything. I already made my point clear, so there is no need to answer his questions any further.

Show me your limits, Moosa Khan..... How far can you hold your anger???

I said to myself and close my eyes to hold back my tears from falling.


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