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   Chapter 23

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Mahnoor“s POV:

"Are you planning to spend the whole night there?" I heard Moosa“s annoyed voice and quickly wiped my tears. I carefully take off my jewelry and dress, washed my make-up and about to get into the shower when I heard door knocking.

"Mahnoor did you take any clothes with to wear?"

"No!" I murmur.


"I- I forgot." I pick my dress to wear again.

"Here, open the door and take it."

I slightly open the door and snuck my hand out, but instead of clothes, I received a low chuckle from him. He traces my hand lightly with his fingertips and rested them on mine. It was ticklish, I tried to pull back my hand but he grabbed my wrist and handed over the clothes. As soon as his hands leave my wrist I pulled my hand and closed the door.

After a warm shower, I felt little better. I change into clothes that Moosa gave me, which was a trouser and a baggy floral printed T-shirt. It doesn“t have any dupatta and I am not going in front of him without it. So, I put on the old one.

As I open the door Moosa“s head snapped towards me, who was probably trying to bandage his injured hand. He frowned at me and quickly cover the distance between us.

"I don“t want to see you on this red color wedding dress. So give it back to Nats or throw it. And if you need a dupatta, go and pick one from the wardrobe." He raised his hand to the wardrobe.

I silently walked to it and pick out the first dupatta I put my hand

epy?" He asked when I didn“t response. I weakly nodded and my eyes went close. The last thing I felt before drifting into sleep was soft surface under me and a warm touch on my lips.


Moosa“s POV:

Her lips were softer than I had imagined, don“t know how many times I stop myself to touch them with my own. I don“t want to disturb her slumber.

I pulled her to my chest and close my eyes. I am also feeling drowsy but I still wanted to enjoy this moment, lying beside the woman I love.... my wife. Holding her hands in mine I place a kiss on it and let the sleep take over me.


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