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   Chapter 22

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Natasha“s POV:

"I don“t know Nats, and I don“t want to know. What I want is her." He almost yells., "I already have given her the time I can, but not anymore.... I don“t care if she is ready or not. I don“t care if she never accepts me as her husband. All I care is she stays beside me..... close to me. So, I can see her wherever I went, I can hear her voice how much I want, I can reach her and hold her in my arms whenever I want." He has a deep frown on his forehead and his breath is labored. Trying so hard to control his emotions. I have never seen him like that.

"This is madness Moosa. It“s not love, it“s selfishness." I tried to calm him.

"Then let me be selfish Nats, just for once.... let me be ..... it“s for the best not only for me but for my people too... you know what I do, right?....Is it wise to throw hundreds of lives in hell, just because my girl is not ready to marry me?" He paused for a moment.

"And Nats, it“s best... especially for Noor." He dropped his head on the sofa back, dejectedly.

He closed his eyes and I turned away my face looking outside the window.

I never understand men, perhaps because of bitter past experiences I had. But I came to trust Moosa, he always proved himself different from the men I used to know. That“s why I allowed myself to open up to him..... and he becomes the friend I never had.... and Yawar becomes the reason of my lif

ocess, I tripped over my dress and fall. I feel myself lifting up but my mind wasn“t registering it. When I came back to my senses, I found myself standing, with one of Moosa“s arm wrapped around my waist.

I gasped and quickly step sway from him and before he says or does something I ran inside the bathroom not looking back. I Shut the door behind me and leaned against it. My body is shivering from fear,

the heart is beating painfully fast and my headache is killing me.

I want to go home..... Papas please come andtake me home....


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Anyways, I do what you ask for and now it“s you turn. *selfish mode*

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