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   Chapter 21

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Mahnoor“s POV:

My eyes jerked open on mobile ringing, which stops instantly. I squeeze my eyes and open again, my view is still blur due to sleep. When I was fully awake I found Moosa looking at me with his both arms on the steering wheel.

Why isn“t he looking in front? ??

I frowned and look around to find we already stopped.

"Where are we?" I blurt, panicked by the location we were. I cannot see anyone as far as my sight goes.

"In my farm house."

"W-why you bring me here?" A frowned formed on my forehead.

"To meet your family."

My family????


Moosa POV:

I try to find emotions on her face when I mentioned about her family but I found none. She was deep in thought looking at her hands on her lap.

I unbuckled my seat belt and about to get off when I heard her voice.


I turned around to face her.

"Let“s go back... please."


"Don“t you want to meet your family?"

She shook her head and reply with a simple, "No"

Now, this is my time to frown.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes,... can we go back now?" She asked desperately.

I thought she would be happy but her reaction took me off guard. Not knowing what to do I just nodded and start the car again. On the other hand, she leaned back to the seat and close her eyes again.

She looks paler in black dress and dupatta and the urge to trace my fingers on her smooth skin is getting stronger every day. Only me and my Allah knows how hard it is for me to stop myself from touching her, to hold her delicate form in my arms and flushed her into my chest.

My grip on the steering wheel tightened, as I increase the car speed and refuse to look at her.

She is no good for my heart.....

I turn my car towards the city. We have shopping to do for our wedding.


Mahnoor“s POV:

I open my eyes and found the car running on a street of the main city area. This area has four city“s biggest market one after another. Famous brands, restaurants, boutiques, marts, everything.

When we get here?

I slept again???

"Are you not feeling well Noor?" I heard Moosa“s voice from beside and I nodded in answer.

Our car came to a halt at the entrance of a huge boutique.

"Come, it“s too late

g with friends, my eighteenth birthday, making breakfast for Bhai“s first day on the job, Kanwal“s graduation day, my first meeting with Moosa, my Nikah day, everything.

Like every girl, I wished my wedding day to be great, not my worst nightmare. But I guess the worst nightmares are better than this. You know you will wake up sooner or later but here.....

I sighed and rubbed my swell face with palms. I still have time for Fajar. I quickly got up, took bath and pray Fajar.

I feel my back start aching. Then I realize I am sitting on Ja-Namaz (prayer mat) since more the two hours. I slowly got up and lay down on the bed.

Hardly after twenty minutes, I heard door knocking.

"Yes." A girl in her mid twenties came in.

"Assalam o Allaikum, my name is Nadia. I am a beautician. Moosa Bhai send me here."

"Right now?"

"Yes. He told me to treat your swelling face."

So he knows ....


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