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   Chapter 20

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Mahnoor“s POV:

"STOP!" I screamed out of my lungs.

He not only stops but also left me with a light push. I stumble on my foot and collapsed on the bed. As soon as my senses start to working I sit straight, still gasping for air, my body is still shivering from fear and my tears won“t stop.

Moments passed and both of us didn“t say a word. He just stood near the bed and stare at me. Suddenly he knelt down to me and I felt my body baking away on its own but he grab my arm pulling me back to the edge.

"You think I ruin your life?" he still sound pissed, "And you hate me for killing that bastard and bringing you here and you don“t want to marry me. Right?" he asked looking in my eyes and I stare him back. I can hear what he is saying but my mind is unable to register his words.

"That Kamil guy..... had to die, one way or another and he cannot come back. So apart from him let“s just do something to fix your life okay?" I frowned at him. My eyes widened when he leaves my arm and took out his gun.

He is going to kill me.....

I shuddered.

"Don“t worry love. You know I can“t harm you." He said opening his gun lock.

"This gun is unlocked and fully loaded. Here, hold it...... and shoot me. Straight, to heart or head. It is the only way to get rid of me and fix your life. ..... now pull the trigger and aim to my head. You won“t miss it because I will stay here in front of you and I promise even you kill me now, no one will do any harm to you or your family. But if I stay alive I will surely make you MINE. Even if it means to kill your entire family." he forcefully handed me over his gun.

"I a

and black jeans. He stood up giving me a brief glance, wearing an expression which I failed to understand.

"Ready love?" I walk forward without giving him any answer. He took a long step and led me to his black Prado.

Allah, I hate this car... and him...

He opened the door for me and I slid inside biting my lower lip. Soon he joins me and starts the car.

Holding back a yawn, I closed my eyes leaning against the window glass. I hope sleep take over soon. I don“t want to know where he is taking me.

And don“t want to feel his presence near me.....


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So! Finally. Noor is ready to marry him. She didn“t say in words but I think you get the point right?

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