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   Chapter 19

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Mahnoor“s POV:

After Fajar prayer, I lay back down on my bed, closing my eyes. I wasn“t planning on sleeping but I couldn“t fight myself after putting my head on the soft pillow. I“ve always had this strange attraction toward pillows.... softy softy pillows.... That“s why I had six different sized pillows on my bed. Ami specially bought them for me.... Ami.... I miss you.... I miss you, Papa... I miss you my Bhai....

Tears start flowing from my eyes. I grabbed the other pillow and hugged it tight and soon sleep took over me.

I woke up with the feeling of warm fingers touching my left cheek. They weren“t soft as Ami“s.


Straightaway I open my eyes only to gasp at the second I saw Moosa hovering over my face. I turned my face away from his hand and covered my face with the pillow to create a wall between us. Suddenly I felt my pillow getting heavy.

Is he trying to suffocate me???

I turn my face to the other side, gasping for air. Then my eyes landed on Moosa“s hand on my side and my pillow gets much heavier.

Moosa“s POV:

She hid her face under the pillow, which I found very cute and a smile creeps up on my face. Slowly, I leaned forward and put my head on the pillow. She instantly reacts and turns her face to the other side to breathe properly. A second later, I feel a little push under the pillow, followed by a sound of gasp.

She finally realizes the cause of heaviness....

Seriously she is so slow.

My smile widened and I close my eyes. I like the position that we were in but I want to be more close, without this pillow wall.... without any barriers.

I will be... soon Insha Allah.....

I took a deep breath and ask, "Why were you crying, love?" She didn“t answer.

Of course, she won“t, how can a person talk under a pillow....

I roll my eyes on my stupidity and sit straight to give her space to get up. But she didn“t even move.

"Are you getting up by yourself or should

, crashing my body to him.

I gasped and tried to wiggle free. He tightened his grip more, I can feel his fingers digging into my skin. I hissed and close my eyes.

"Does it hurt?!" He shouted.

"Yes!" I manage to choke. Suddenly he loosened his grip and leaves my arm but not my waist.

"You said you won“t marry me.... I am a criminal.... means you are agreeing that I should go with my own way?" He said slowly, taking off my dupatta from my head. I tried to get a grip but it was no use. Combing my hair with his hands, he pulled my face closer.

"If I am a criminal to you, then I will do it the criminal“s way. And criminals don“t bother marrying. They take what they want like I am going to do now."

He leaned closer to my face and the next moment I found myself screaming “stop“.


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