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   Chapter 19 No. 19

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Mahnoor's POV:

After Fajar prayer, I lay back on my bed, closing my eyes. I wasn't planning on sleeping but I couldn't fight myself after putting my head on the soft pillow. I've always had this strange attraction toward pillows... softy pillows... That's why I had six different sized pillows on my bed. Ami specially bought them for me... Ami... I miss you... I miss you, Papa... I miss you my Bhai...

Tears started flowing from my eyes. I grabbed the other pillow and hugged it tight and soon sleep took over me.

I woke up with the feeling of warm fingers touching my left cheek. They weren't soft as Ami's.


Straightaway I opened my eyes only to gasp at the second moment when I saw Moosa hovering over my face. I turned my face away from his hand and covered my face with the pillow to create a wall between us. Suddenly I felt my pillow getting heavy.

Is he trying to suffocate me???

I turned my face to the other side, gasping for air. Then my eyes landed on Moosa's hand on my side and my pillow gets much heavier.


Moosa's POV:

She hid her face under the pillow, which I found very cute and a smile crept up on my face. Slowly, I leaned forward and put my head on the pillow. She instantly reacted and turned her face to the other side. A second later, I felt a little push under the pillow, followed by a sound of gasp.

She finally realizes the cause of heaviness...

Seriously she is so slow.

My smile widened and I close my eyes. I liked the position that we were in but I want to be more close, without this pillow wall... without any barriers.

I will be... soon!

I took a deep breath and asked, "Why were you crying, love?" She didn't answer.

Of course, she won't, how can a person talk under a pillow...

I rol

ween us. Getting scared by his pissed look, I tried to get off from the bed. But before I could go any further, he pulled me to him by yanking my arm and made me stand in front of him. His grip was rough and tight, making me wince.

"Does it hurt?" He asked, leaning down to look into my face. I bit my lower lip tight and didn't answer.

His other arm encircled my waist, crashing my body to him. I gasped and tried to wiggle free. He tightened his grip more, I can feel his fingers digging into my skin. I hissed and close my eyes.

"Does it hurt?!" He shouted.

"Yes!" I manage to choke. Suddenly he loosened his grip and leaves my arm but not my waist.

"You said you won't marry me... I am a criminal... means you are agreeing that I should go in my own way?" He said slowly, taking off my dupatta from my head. I tried to get a grip but it was no use. Combing my hair with his fingers, he pulled my face closer.

"If I am a criminal to you, then I will do it the criminal's way. And criminals don't bother marrying. They take what they want like I am going to do now."

He leaned closer to my face and the next moment I found myself screaming 'stop'.


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