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   Chapter 18

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Moosa“s POV:

She locked it....

She locked her bedroom door again before sleeping.

"Love her!" I said out loud, smiling. She never let her guard down. One of the many reasons why I love her.

She doesn“t trust you too, Moosa....

My inner voice told me.

"It“s better this way.... I shouldn“t be trusted when it comes to her." I mumble and swing the key into the lock.

And like many other nights, I sneak into her room, slowly sits down beside her on the bed, not wanting to wake her from a peaceful sleep. My eyes travel all over her sleeping form. Her long silky hair covering the pillow.... her pale skin, like porcelain..... her slender fingers..... her big beautiful eyes..... her pink lips.... She is beautiful and delicate, more than I imagined.

Don“t know for how long I stared at her, before leaning down to her face. I am starting to get irritated by the distance I have to keep from her....My hands itch to touch her every time. Even now.... Just for once I wanted to feel the warmth of her skin. I reached out to caress her cheek but stopped in the middle. gave her your word....

My inner voice yelled.

Abruptly, I got up and rushed out her room, locking back her door.

There is a part of me that is very well aware of my condition... I am not strong enough to hold myself back anymore.... I am starting to lose my patience.

This is definitely not good....

I slumped on the sofa and lit a cigarett

g before her father leaves for work and take all of them to one of our farmhouses. They will be our guests for awhile."

"Roger! Anything else?" I dismissed him, shaking my head in negative.

I am also starting to get sleepy. Getting up from the sofa, I went to my bedroom and dropped myself on the bed without taking my shoes off. It will be Fajar time in an hour and all I need is to rest.

Sorry love, today“s morning will not be pleasant for you....

Was my last thought before I drifted off to sleep.


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