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   Chapter 17

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Mahnoor“s POV:

I stare at him in disbelief.

"See.... that“s why I didn“t tell you." Yawar rolled his eyes.

"You- you“re third in command? You are that Yawar. Yawar the Cave Eagle?"

"Yes." He shrugged.

"I don“t believe you.... I mean, you“re so young how can you be....."

"So cruel?" He completed my sentence.

I open my mouth to say something but Moosa beat me to it.

"I called you for training. What are you doing here?" His gruff voice made me jump a little.

"I was coming but when I saw her crying, I changed my plan." He said happily and Moosa shot me a glare.

"Don“t scare her MB, please." He said coming between us.



I must have said that out loud because next moment Yawar burst out laughing.

"M-Mega Bite?" He said between his laugh making me embarrassed.

I stole a glance at Moosa who was also smiling.

"Uff! Mahnoor..... MB is short for Moosa Bhai.... Moosa Bhai is kind of long and old fashion so I took the initials." He said sliding his hands in his pocket.

"You“re his brother?" I blurt.

"Aaa.... biologically nope bu-"

"Save your chatting for later. I want you downstairs in two minutes." Moosa said and leaves.

He doesn“t want me to know of their relation.

"So, are you coming? We can have tea together after practice." Yawar asks excitedly.

"No thanks. I better go back."

"Ah... right... You would prefer to have tea alone with MB." He said thoughtfully.

"No!" I exclaimed.

"Then? Why are you refusing to come with me?"

"I don“t want to go in the presence of others."

Since I came here, I lost all the confidence to confront others.... I feel disgusted with myself.

"Oh come on! Everyone knows you here... and they really respect you."

"Respect me? As? Moosa“s toy?" I snapped.

"That“s harsh.... no one thinks like that about you and our men respect you because they have been keeping eye on you for a long time... It“s your character that made them respect you, not MB“s influence. Have a little faith on us... we may be criminals and not the ideal people but we have eyes and we can also differentiate between good and bad people."

Yeah right......

I really wanted to argue with him but I kept my mouth shut.

"Anyways, let“s go before he comes back and drags me out."

He led me to the house“s backyard. This area is a basketball ground and also a...... shooting area. I guess because it is very sim

Answer my questions first damn it!" He slammed his fist on the door, making me jump in fear.

"I didn“t know you can also play piano and he.... he is like a friend to me."

"And.... what am I to you?"

".....Nothing!" I answered looking back into his eyes.

He narrowed his eyes at me for a second before leaning closer to my face.

"If that“s what you think, then I have to change your opinion first and change your nothing to everything. Till then, you are not meeting Yawar."

"What?" I frowned.

Is this man crazy???

His facial muscles relaxed and a small smile spread on his lips.

"You look beautiful when you“re angry..... my beautiful Noor.... my Queen." He reached out a hand to my face. I quickly move my face.

"Be careful not to go against what I have said..... or else I will not keep my word anymore.... You can go now.... Good night my love." With that, he walked away and I open the door to go back but the sound of “Eternal Snow“ made me turn to face him. He looked straight at me with a satisfied smile on his face.

Unlike Yawar, his emotions are flowing through his notes. Almost like that pianist of neighbor-

It“s him!

It“s him.......!


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