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   Chapter 16 No. 16

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Mahnoor's POV:

It has been five days since I discharged from the hospital and he has been true to his words. I came back to the room where I was staying before and he also didn't try to touch me after that day but the problem is... he hardly left me alone. When I tried to argue about it, he said that our deal was to give me time, release my brother and not to touch me. He didn't mention anything about leaving me alone.

Daily, I am forced to have breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner with him. I often thank Allah that He functions our body to sleep. At least I get rid of him in my sleep. Sometimes, I really creeped out by his presence, just like now. He has been staring at me for the last ten minutes without saying a single word. With an emotionless expression bearing on the face, he seems to observe every my movement and his eyes gave me the feeling that they are looking through my soul.

I was irritated, but the only thing I could do was to divert my mind and forgot about his existence in my room. However, it turned out harder than I have thought. At one point I was so annoyed that I was about to say something rude to him but fortunately his phone rang the same moment. After barely saying five words he ended the call and got up to leave.

"Where is my brother?" I asked.

"At his home." He said sliding his phone into the pocket.

"What do you mean by 'his'?"

"You are not living there and you will never be, so it's not your home anymore." His words were like a stab to my heart. I bit my lip, trying to control a sudden emerging feeling of sadness.

"Can-can I talk to him?" I asked, only to receive a hard look from him.

Clenching the bedspread in my hand and gathering my courage I said, " least let me hear his voice. I want to know if he is alright."

"I can tell you that he is alright."

"I don't believe you." It came out of my mouth before I knew it and regretted the next moment when he stepped closer to my bed.

"That's very inconvenient for you. Because I am not allowing you to talk to him." He said leaning towards me.

"I won't talk to him... I promise. Just let me hear his voice."

I just want to hear him...

He stared back at me, leaving me no choice but to avert my gaze. Few moments passed in this uncomfortable situation, he kept his gaze on me and kept looking away. All of a sudden, he sighed and sat down at the edge of the bed. Taking out his phone, he dialled someone and turned on the speaker. Soon the call was picked up by a man.

"Hello, Assalam o Allaikum?"


"Wallaikum Assalam! Moosa speaking... your sister wanted to hear your voice. Speak loud so she can hear you."


I open my mouth to speak but he mentioned me to stay quiet by putting a finger on his lips. I gave him a pleading look but it was a wast

vibrant. Indeed, it was a 'happy time'. Slowly, a smile crept up on my face as well as on his, watching me smiling. I don't remember when was the last time I smiled.

Maybe on my Nikah day?

By the end of the music, I felt happy. I even clapped for him, smiling but tears found their way out my eyes.


"So you didn't tell me why do you like the piano so much?" He asked crossing his legs sitting on the other couch.

We were sitting in the living room, talking about different things. I am glad that Moosa hadn't shown up yet because talking to him was making me feel much better.

"I am not answering anything until you answer mine."

"What do you want to know about me?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You didn't even tell me your name."

"Oops! Well, I am Yawar. Full name, Muhammad Yawar Jan... I am nineteen, the same age as you and studying engineering." He grinned.

"You're nineteen?" My eyes widened.

He didn't look like nineteen at all. He was so big... I mean he may look young from the face but he was really tall and well grown.

"Yeah, I get that reaction often... I have a good diet and I exercise a lot." He said rubbing his back of the neck.

"Can't you think of any better idea to impress girls?" I smiled.

"Hey! I don't exercise to impress girls."


"Nevermind." He looked away.

"Okay. Then tell me. What are you doing here? I mean this place..." I left the sentence incomplete. Not knowing how to complete it.

"He is the third in command of Black Eagles and our weapons specialist." A voice came from behind making both of us jumped in surprise.

I abruptly turned to the source of the voice and found Moosa standing at the entrance. But his presence didn't bother me right now. What bothers me more was Yawar being third in command.

No way! He is so young...


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