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   Chapter 15

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Mahnoor“s POV:

Feeling disgusted by his touch, I rub my cheek with my palm again and again. Hoping it would erase the tingling feeling his touch left. After a while, it faded and started to be replaced with the pain of continuous rubbing.

I feel so ashamed of myself right now. How can I let a man touch me.....

He kissed you...!

My subconscious screamed.

"Ya Allah, why are you doing this to me? I feel like a sinner for not being able to stop him.... I hate myself.... I am sorry Allah.... I“m sorry. I am not strong enough." I said to myself between my sobs and let all of my frustration out through my tears. I cried until I got exhausted and fell asleep.


Moosa“s POV:

Sitting on the other side of the room, where she cannot see me, I heard her talking to herself and crying. Clenching my fists, I sat there until her sobs died down.

Quietly, I made my way back to her and sat beside her on the bed. Her eyes were swollen from crying as well as her cheek where I kissed. I shook my head and got up. Taking a bowl, I pour cold water in it with some ice. I went back to her and put a cold wet patch on her cheek.

Idiot! She messed up herself......

She startled and open her eyes abruptly on the contact of water with her skin. She looked at me in horror and tried to move back, which she usually does and I don“t like it.

Not this again.....

I quickly grabbed her arm, spinning myself to sit behind her and landed her upper body on my chest. I hold both of her hands with my one hand, knowing she will try to wiggle free from my grip.... and she did.

"Ssshh! Stay still..... You will hurt yourself."

"Leave me." She is still wiggling. I sighed and wrap both of my arms around her tightly, so she couldn“t move but not tight enough to hurt her.

"I will if you let me take care of your swollen face."

"I don“t want anything from you. Just don“t touch me... get off."

I sighed, before pulling her more into my chest and the next moment, her body is almost fully rested upon me.

She weighs so light...

The soft body in my arms, with heat radiating from it, felt like a perfect

up and say, "Lie down, I will treat your swelled face."

"I am fine. I just need some sleep." He seems to understand and nodded.

"Take your medicine and sleep. I will be in the other room. If you need anything, call me. Okay?" I quickly nodded.

"And tomorrow morning you can go back to your room.... Good night, love." He said and leaves.

I hugged myself and close my eyes. My mind repeated all the things he said - His words, his whispers, his threats. I don“t know why I didn“t fight back....I don“t know what affected me the most.... his words or his touch.

I dig my nails into my arms. The things he said made everything clear as day that no matter what I do, I will always be in loss and he will still get what he wants.

But I don“t want to be here.

“It will make me chase you harder.....“

I hate him! I hate him....! I rub my earlobe where he placed the kiss earlier.

“It tempts me to cross my boundaries and make you MINE....“

My body shivers in fear remembering his words.

He won“t do that.... would he????


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