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   Chapter 14

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Mahnoor“s POV:

I hate it! I hate him sitting here all day long and keeping his gaze on me. I hate him being in front of my eyes every time I open them. I hate the fact that doctors let him stay with a girl alone when he is not even related to me. And I really hate how the hospital staffs are treating me like I am some sort of celebrity.

"Mam, should I assist in feeding you?" The nurse asked politely as she brought in breakfast for me along with a fresh bunch of flowers.

"No thanks. I can eat myself." She nodded and left.

"I am not a princess of some country." I mumble looking at the breakfast brought for me.

"Not a princess but you are a Queen to them, their King“s future wife."

"I am no one“s future wife." I said, gritting my teeth but I regret it the next moment when he shot a deadly glare at me. I thought he was going to say something but instead, he sighed and drop his head back onto the sofa.


Of course, he would be. Kanwal told me that he barely spent two hours at home before coming back here.

Since that day, he didn“t approach me nor talk much. He usually spends his time on calls, working on laptop or...... staring at me. I don“t know why he looks at me as though I am some kind of TV program. He just stares. His intense gaze bothers me to the point where I wanted to hide somewhere.

I stole a glance at him. His head was still on the sofa“s back. He“s wearing a white t-shirt with faded blue jeans. He looks quite nice...

If only his heart was as nice as his appearance, I may respect him a little......

Unconsciously, I sighed loudly and his eyes shot open looking at me. Abruptly, I avert my eyes, not wanting to meet his gaze.

Moosa“s POV:

I watch her as nurses helped in settling her on a wheelchair. I don“t like seeing her covered up in bandages but I am thankful to Allah that she doesn“t have any internal injuries.

Sitting on the wheelchair, she looks so weak, vulnerable and...... injur

next to my side of the bed.

"You know I am i-"

"In Iddat. Stop this nonsense, Noor."

"This is not nons-"

"Yes it is.... besides, there is no point of completing it as I had already put an end to it by kissing you."

"K-kissing?" My breath hitched.

"You“re lying."

"I am not." He sits next to me. I tried to move but he held my arm, pulling me to him.

"Stay. I won“t bite." He said politely but I didn“t listen to him, as my mind was stuck in what he said earlier.

"Let go of me... You“re lying. I don“t believe you."

"I know you won“t believe me because you were unconscious that day.... but if you still don“t believe me, then....." Suddenly he leaned forward and kissed my cheek, holding my chin lightly.

"Now it“s officially off... Don“t worry anymore, my love..... Sweet dreams." He stood straight with a triumphant smirk and left the room.

Leaving me sitting numbly on the bed.


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