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   Chapter 13

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Mahnoor“s POV:

It“s been three weeks since I get here but it feels like ages... maybe it“s really been ages, I just lost the track of time. Sitting on the floor I was staring into space, thinking something. But what? I don“t know.

My mind, my thoughts, my emotions, my senses everything is clouded. My tears also dried after crying days. I don“t feel anything now, except the emotion of loss and guilt. All the things happened that day was because of me. ...It was all because of me.

"Mano?" I turned my head to the source of the voice and found Kanwal running over to me. Bending down she pulled me over to sit on the bed.

"Your crying again Mano!" She cupped my face.

"I am?" I asked and she nodded wiping my tears with her thumbs.

"I didn“t realize." I murmur, as Kanwal hugged me tightly.

"Mano you“re going to kill yourself..... stop this, please ..... I beg you."

"Kanwal, do you know where is Bhai? Can you take me to him?" I asked after a long silence.

"I don“t know where he is, but I can assure you he is fine."

"You“re telling me truth na?"

"Why would I lie to you?"

"I don“t know...... I don“t know anything.... I am sorry Kanwal I don“t know anything ..... I don“t know what to do..... I don“t know what to say ...... I don“t know what to feel...... I don“t know anything Kanwal." I start shaking my head violently and my tears start making my face wet.

"Ssshhh!...... you will know ..... I will tell you, whatever you like to know okay?" She asked me patting my back.

Both of us kept quiet for several minutes.

"Why did he do that? ......Why did he kill Kamil?" I manage to ask when my sobs died down a bit.

"You“re talking about Moosa?"

I nodded, I hate calling his name.

"You didn“t know yet?" My body stiffened remembering the day when he came to see me before leaving.

"I know .... but I am not sure if it“s really true." I mumble.

"It“s true Mano.... he liked you... more like, love you. Remember the first time I called you? Moosa asks Ahad to allow me. That day Ahad told me about it. I wanted to tell you but never get the chance. I also didn“t know you were getting marry to Kamil until you Nikah day."

She mumbles the last part.

"If he- if he really l-loved me. He wouldn“t kill my husband."

"I know I shouldn“t have to say this but Mano it will be better if you open your eyes now." She sounds hesitant, also didn“t make eye contact.

"Kanwal, say it clearly. What“s on your mind?"

"Moosa has a reason to bring you here.... ever thought about it."

in pain. He bent down and put his other hand on my other side.

"Move away." My voice barely audible.

"No." He stated.


"No." I gritted my teeth and turned my face to another side.

"I thought you were bolder than this." He said after awhile and my head snapped towards him.

"What do you mean?"

"Why you jumped?"

"I fell."

"Fell? In the middle of the night?" I didn“t answer him. I had none.

"Were trying to kill yourself or trying to run away from me?" He asked leaning closer to my face and I sank my head in the pillow.

"I leave you hoping that you will be a good girl and don“t do anything stupid, but prove me wrong and make me come running here. So, what should I do from now on? Tie you to bed?" His voice held anger.

"I told you I fell," I said keeping my eyes on his clothes. I don“t want to look at him.

"Fine. I believe you." He moved back and I released the breath I kept holding.

"You will discharge from here in three days.... till then and after then. I will PERSONALLY make sure you won“t fall again." He said and got up.

Go to hell.....


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