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   Chapter 10

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Mahnoor“s POV:

Dark, the only thing I can register now is darkness. I am awake but I find myself unable to open my eyes. Gradually, when all of my senses come back, I feel my body is lying in a comfortable position. The surface beneath me is soft. Must be a bed, but..... My bed isn“t this soft...?

After struggling for three to four minutes, I open my eyes. I look around my surroundings and realizing it unfamiliar, I abruptly sit up. But sudden dizziness caused me to collapse back on the bed again.

I took several deep breaths to calm myself. Panicking is not an option right now. I push myself up to sit. Then, my eyes landed on my Hina designed hands. At that moment, everything flashed back in my mind. My Nikah, Kanwal“s call, Moosa, and Kamil.

Ya Allah! Kamil......

My breathing fastened and I quickly got off of the bed but stopped at the very second of hearing a masculine voice.

"I wouldn“t do that if I were you."

My head snapped towards the source of the voice and found Moosa sitting on the arm chair.

The whole room was dark. The only source of light was a table lamp on the nightstand and a floor lamp beside his armchair.

"You!" I breathed out venomously. He didn“t respond, nor move an inch. He just sat there silently as his eyes strolled up and down my body intentionally.

Frowning, I follow his gaze and I panicked when I noticed I was wearing a half sleeves, body fitted T-shirt and trousers. I quickly jump back onto the bed and immediately cover myself with the bedspread.

His gaze is still on me, I can tell and I feel totally naked right now. I never wear such type of shirts nor would I ever wear in front of any man except for Bhai and Papa. My hair is also loose and I don“t even have any dupatta to cover myself with.

But... who change........?

I shot Moosa a glare and asked in a strict voice.

"Who changed my dress?"

"Isn“t it obvious?" He stated, remaining still in his position, staring at me.


When I understood what he meant, I sunk myself deeper in bed, tightening the bedspread around me.

"Y-your lying." My voice barely came out and tears start

ke refraining himself from something.

Suddenly, he starts leaning to my face.

"Let me put this in another way... If you don“t start eating in one minute, I will kiss you and then we will see how you will be completing your Iddat." He threatened.

I backed away from him instantaneously.

"You wouldn“t."

"Just wait one minute and you will know." He shrugged and dropped himself on the other couch beside me and starts looking at his watch.

Ya Allah..... What should I do?

Tears start to stream down my cheeks as I look at the pizza box.

"Save your tears for later, love." I heard his voice.

With shaking hands, I open the box and took my first bite of pizza.

Ya Allah! Get me out of here....


Salam and hello everyone!

*Iddat: In Islam Iddat or Iddah is the period a woman must observe after the death of her husband or after a divorce, during which she can not another man but the condition of Iddat differs with circumstances. Here Mahnoor is not bound to go through Iddat period because her marriage was not consummated. In Pakistani culture, it is preferred to complete Iddat, which is for protecting the widow from criticism that she might be subjected to from remarrying too quickly after her husband“s death.

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