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   Chapter 7

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Mahnoor“s POV:

"Mahnoor, wake up. It“s almost ten." I heard Ami“s voice, getting up I yawned. Can“t even sleep peacefully, I grumbled before picking up my toothbrush. I brushed my teeth and combed my hairs but didn“t bother to change my trousers and T-shirt.

"Assalam o Allaikum Ami." I greeted her and kissed her cheek.

"Wallaikum Assalam. Why didn“t you go to college today?" She asked in what was supposed to be a scolding manner

"No reason." I shrugged and she didn“t pry anymore. She knows my brain fails to function without food. Being a girl I eat a lot, I am not fond of starving myself just to look slim.

After breakfast I helped Ami with cleaning and cooking, after studying a bit I surfed the TV. Normally I pray Zohar prayer after lunch but since I was at home, I thought it would be better to pray early. I went to my room, my mobile was still being charged, on silent mode.

"Such an idiot," I mumbled. I had received a few texts from friends and eight miss calls from an unknown number.

Who would call me?

Not giving it a much thought I shrugged and offered my prayers. I went down to eat lunch with my mother.

My phone ringed again, it was the same unknown number. There was a possibility that this number could be Kanwal“s, but I didn“t answer the call or reject it. My intuition is telling me not to do anything, so I didn“t.

"Mahnoor why don“t you pick up the call?" Ami asked almost annoyed.

"Ami it“s some heck of lonely freak who keeps bothering me. Let it be." I lied to her.

We both had lunch and Ami went to her room to take a nap while I remained in the living room watching “Lord of the Rings: The two towers“ it“s one of my favorite movies. I watched the whole movie peacefully because my phone didn“t ring again. It was two hours before papa came home so, I lay down on the couch and closed my eyes but they instantly shot open when our landline phone ringed

you are right." Laiba agreed

"You guys are exaggerating." I said

"Exaggerating or not Mano, but something is fishy, think about it. Have you ever heard about Moosa involved with a girl? And as far as I remember he is not married, neither engaged, it may sound stupid but I think it“s better to stay alerted." Fatima lectured

"And if Amna is right, he will approach you again... soon." Said Laiba.

We sat there silently, looking at each other until our next class started. After our conversation, I couldn“t concentrate on class anymore. Their words kept spinning in my mind, again and again. After my last class, I was totally drained. My friends tried to cheer me up but it was of no use.

When we were about to leave for home they comforted me and told me not to worry. And who knows when Moosa come back from his tour I would already be married to Kamil. After hearing that I felt a little better and a bit happy, thinking about being Kamil as my life partner. But my happiness didn“t stay long as I saw Moosa“s black Prado near my college“s gate.

No way.


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