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   Chapter 6 No. 6

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Mahnoor's POV:

Kamil's parents came today to fix a date for our engagement but for some unknown reason they ended up deciding our Nikah date at the end of this month and my Rukhsati (sending off) will be held after my final exams.

I was happy, shy, nervous, excited and giddy all at the same time. I never felt this way before, the smile I had on my face never left from the last two days. I have been acting like a love-struck teenage girl.

Oh, wait! I am a teenage girl, I am only nineteen.

My family was happy with it and so was I. Its funny that all of a sudden Bhai wanted to get married too and kept whining, asking when will it be his turn. He was just joking around or being serious, I wasn't able to decide though.

I was getting married and my life was about to change in a few days. I wanted to share this with my best friend but whenever I tried to call Kanwal, the number was switched off. I should've known, Ahad allowed her to call us only on Moosa's order.


Speaking of psycho, his boss told me that he will pick me from college tomorrow. That person is bad news. Staying away from him will be a wise thing to do. I looked at my uniform and shook my head hanging it again in the closet. I think skipping college tomorrow will be a better idea...

"Ami I am on the roof." I told Ami and went upstairs.

The wind was fresh like every other summer night, carrying the fragrance of Jasmine and Cestrum nocturnum (night-blooming Jasmine). I took a deep breath to inhale the mild fragrance and spin around laughing for no reason. I always felt grateful to Allah for blessing me with so many things and felt pity for those who have all the luxuries of life but still have nothing to be happy about.

Soon the atmosphere was filled with the beau

bumped into me. That was the first time I heard her voice so closely. It was a beautiful melody to my ears. I wanted to hear her more, that's why I couldn't stop myself in food court earlier. Didn't know I will start to crave for her presence after spending some time with her.

Thinking about her takes my worries away, watching her make me feel happy. I don't understand how that girl made me feel complete just by sitting beside me.

What have you done to mejQuery21406367461909130341_1593824135603?

I turned my head to the right, her house was in clear view. I daily wait for her to come on her roof, watching her here almost every night makes me feel at peace. When she finally came out I walked over to my piano, folded my shirt sleeves and took my place on the seat. Closing my eyes my fingers began and the melody started flowing, her face flashed through my mind, her laugh, her anger her smile... her being, her.

She was a sweet seduction to me and her love is a river which is taking me to an unknown direction. Now, I was afraid of my feelings, afraid where my feelings will lead me. Will I ever be able to stop?


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