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   Chapter 1 No. 1

You are MINE! By lailamehtaab Characters: 946

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:08

Shareefabad, it is a suburban area of the main city. Once it was a place where Shareef (decent) people lived before Land Mafia started their business here. Police were helpless against them because they were backed by some strong politicians. Those days were one of the most horrible days that people of Shareefabad had ever seen...but soon Allah has shown his mercy upon us and the Land Mafia was annihilated by a gang named Black Eagles. Most of the member of this gang w

as from our town except its leader Moosa Khan. According to rumours one day he suddenly showed and killed two important members of Mafia. Then slowly he formed a proper gang and within a month this gang killed all Mafia people one by one. After getting rid by land Mafia we thought this was over but that wasn't the case. Black Eagles took control of the whole town and make it their territory.

Now Shareefabad is ruled by a gang or to be more precise by Moosa Khan.

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