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Sandal's POV:

"This is Saifi House?" My eyes went wide as they landed on a mansion known as 'Saifi House'.

"Well it's little big to call a house but that's it."

Little big???

"Anyways, come." He leads me to the main door through the garden.

"It's kept well." I stated, looking at it.

"The scenery was quite different if you have seen it three months ago."

"Three months???? But I thought you got the papers recently?"

"Well.....! They were selling one portion of it because they couldn't return bank loans. So I bought it and the rest of it I got recently." I nodded.

As the door opens, we were greeted by some servants. Some of them are old and know Ahmed very well. They treated both of us like we are their own kids. Later Ahmed told me that they were their old servants.

Ahmed shows me the whole mansion by himself, his grandparent's room, parent's room, and his old room. He informed me the all the interior got change after they moved out, so the place is little different from what is used to be.

The color of his face and the rise and fall of emotions in his voice could tell that he is feeling nostalgic.

"And this is the room specially made by my Dadi (grandmother) for us." He smiled sheepishly at me.

"For us?"

"Yes, I was their first grandchild. So they wanted the best room for me and my bride." He winked putting his arm around my shoulders and leading me in. The room was indeed big and beautiful with antique touch in it.

"It's beautiful." I said looking around.

"And we're going to live here while our stay."

"WHAT? The two of us going to live in this huge mansion alone?" I eyes widened.

"Technically, not alone. Servants will be here too."


"But..... I prefer to be alone." His hand slips around my waist, pulling me closer.

"Dear husband, we 'are' alone.... and I would like to take a good look at the room first." I said pushing him away.

"Sure go ahead." He mumbles bitterly.

Smiling I open the window to get the back view.

"Subhanallah!" Left my mouth unconsciously when I saw sunset behind green mountains of Islamabad.

"It's pretty amazing that Dadi chooses the best and same time the worst location of this house for our room." He said standing beside. I gave him a questioning look.

"Do you see that quarter on left?" He pointed towards the left side and I nodded.

"That quarter is the reasons for all my childhood fears.


I quickly closed the window receiving a chuckle from him.

"What difference does it make?"

"I don't know." I said fidgeting my fingers.


After praying Isha I make tea for Ahmed and walk to room. Finding it empty and dark I turn on the lights and sat a cup on the nearby table.

"Turn the lights off Sandal." I jumped hearing Ahmed's voice from behind.

"Y-you were here!" He startled me.

"Turn the lights off." He was looking out the window. Probably at that quarter?


Why he wants me to tu

overwhelmed by our kids birth that he allowed me and I didn't waste the golden chance.

And..... what else??

Ahmed's all remaining friends got married too, except Imran. No.... he is not the same A class flirt as before. He changed for a certain girl. But according to him 'that girl don't give a damn about me' and I guess what?

That certain girl happens to be my sister. I almost fainted when this news broke to me. I mean Areeba and Imran? They are like north and south poles. Total different opposite. Imran is serious about her and he is planning to send a proper proposal for her, on the other hand, Areeba looks indifferent about the whole thing. He told her about his feelings but she ignores it every time.

Ahmed always sits back and enjoy their cat and mouse chase but doesn't do anything to help him. Well, I am planning to take his side once he sends his parents for Areeba.

"What are you thinking?" I startled at Ahmed's voice.

"Just thinking."

"About what?" I shrugged not knowing what to answer and smile. He shook his head and about to leave the room when I call him.



"Thank you!"

"For what?"

"I just want to thank you."

"Huh?" He chuckled and I shrugged with a smile again.

After Allah, I want to thank him for saving me from losing myself and helping my family to start their lives again. He often told me that I brought morning to his life or else he would never be able to live a happy life.

Well, I never understand why he says that but to me, he is my dawn. The end of a dark night and the beginning of new day.

The End!


Salam and hello everyone!

An early and last update of this story.

It was my first story and I know I have done many stupid mistakes. But you readers still support me, for which I am really thankful.

I'll start editing it soon 'Inshallah' so apologies for mistakes till then.

Don't forget to vote and comment!

Take Care :)

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