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Ahmed's POV:

"I was told that there was an attack on APS (Army Public School) but didn't know the real situation so the hope that everything is fine, remains in my heart until I reached the hospital with my friends. It was my decision not to take Ami there and my friends supported me in every way." She says, sitting on the couch beside me. She turns off the television and closed her eyes.

"The boys from my class reached there before me and they were the one told me about Papa, Shoaib, and Palwasha's deaths. They informed my relatives and ask me to go home and wait for them to arrive. It was decided that my uncles will identify the bodies but due to lack of space in the morgue, the hospital authorities asked us to take the bodies as soon as possible, as the casualties could be increased. So, I step up."

She identifies the bodies....?

"The morgue was already full with the bodies with bad conditions so the authorities put the other bodies in two halls. One of the students and other for the school staff. It was easy to found Papa's body. He was shot in the chest and died instantly. Identifying Shoaib's body was..." Tears start dripping from the corner of her closed eyes.

"The rumors of butchering students were true..... Their head" she paused for a second. Her sobs got louder "their heads were" before she could finish the sentence I pulled her into a hug. I heard the rumors that their heads were found in a big plastic bag, while their headless bodies were found in classrooms.

"Shoaib's head was stitched later, Ahmed..... I saw those stitches. I saw the red line on his throat." I start making circles on her back hoping it might calm her. But I found myself unable to say soothing words. To be honest I was a loss for words.

"Palwasha ....... Palwahsa body was never found. In fact, no bodies were found from her class. A terrorist closes the classroom door with all children and teacher and blew himself.... The things were found was some half burned, blooded shoes, books, girl's clips and few body parts..... The hospital authoritie

ng like this before. It made me so happy. I turn my attention to my clothes and start packing them. Suddenly he a finger pokes on my cheek.

"They are red..... I wonder why." He smirked.

"They are not!" I murmured.

"Yes, they are." He folds his hands on chest.

"What proof you have?" I put a hand on my hip. He raised his brows and dragged me near the mirror.

"See." He said pointed in the mirror.

"I can't." I lied.

"Where are your glasses?"

"I am already wearing it....." I rolled my eyes.

"And you still can't see?"

"No, " I tried to hide my smile.

"Okay, now you will." With that, he holds my face with his both hands and kisses me.

My eyes went wide and my heart forgot beating. Before I could respond he pulled back with a victorious smile on his face. His hands slid to my shoulders and he turned me to mirror again.

"Oh! Your face his red now..... you look like a tomato.... I wonder how will you taste if I bite." He winked at me and I felt my heart skipped a beat.

This man is unpredictable .....


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