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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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Sandal's POV:

"It's so clouded today, it will start raining at any moment." I said to myself looking at the dark clouds.

"No, it won't, " Ahmed said without raising his head from the laptop.

"How can you be so sure?"

"It's hardly rain here."

Disappointed, I turn my face to look outside again. I really like rain, if it were Peshawar it would have started raining. I haven't get used to living here, life is so boring. There is no housework and no one to talk with and no enjoyment. Zohma got busy in her life, Muskan is busy in her studies. I asked Ahmed to let me continue my studies but he didn't agree, nor gave me any reason. So, I have nothing to do now, Auntie has her own activities. Even she is free she doesn't talk much. She is different from her kids, all of them are talkative. I thought Ahmed wasn't at first but I turn out to be wrong. When he is in the mood, you can't make him quiet and things get very ....... Different when we are alone. He doesn't hold himself from teasing me and giving embarrassing comments. But when he is in his working mood, he becomes probably the most boring human on the surface of the earth.

A married life is way more different than one could imagine. Living under the same roof, look after for other's likes and dislikes. Sharing and trusted someone with your everything is not easy to describe. But somehow everything starts to fit into the place when you once entered this life.

I still remember the time when Ami told me about Ahmed's proposal and I said no because of his reputation being a ladies man and I was a bit shaken up from his straightforwardness on the day I tried to give my resignation.

Working under him as my boss, gave me a very clear idea how his mind works. He has a trend to take what he wants and it scared me. It could have been his ego that pushed him to this extent. But thanks to Allah, I was wrong. Now I am married to the same boss and I have to deal with his one-track mind for the rest of my life. I sighed loudly and give him a glance. My Husband. The thought of spending my whole life with him starting to make me feel giddy. Allah blessed me with a great husband but I am little scared of the uncertainty of our relationship. There is still a part of me who doubt his reasons for marrying me. What if it is turn out to be a temporary attraction? What if I couldn't match his social standards? What if he gets bored of me and left me? These questions always leave me restless.

"It's rude to sta-.... hay. Why are you crying?" I heard his voice and realize tears on my cheek.

"S-sorry. It's nothing." I quickly turn around and wipe my tears.

Idiot! Why am I crying???

I scolded myself.

"Why are you crying?" He stands beside me, leaning against the window frame with his arms folded of his chest.

"Just some st

romised myself.

"Sandal?" I heard Ahmed's voice and a door knock.

"Please leave me alone for a while."

"Sandal beta come out please." I hear Auntie's voice.

Did she came on our shoutings???

I wiped my tears and came out.

"G, Auntie." I stood in front of her.

"What happened? Did Ahmed say anything? Tell me the truth." She asks me taking my hand to her.

"No Auntie, he didn't say anything." I shook my head.

"Are you covering for him?"

"No, not at all."

"Hm!" Then he turns to Ahmed.

"Listen Sahab Zade (son) in our family men don't shout on their wives. If she is wrong then talk to her politely." She said strictly and left. Normally she uses the word "Sahab Zade" when she is angry at him. I peeked through my lashes and fond him staring at him.

"Sorry about that, Auntie is angry at you because of my shouting." I said playing with finger ring.

"Me too. I totally forgot that we are on the same page."

"It's okay." We both stood in our places for few minutes in awkward silence.

"I'll go and tea for you." I broke the silence first, walking to the door. I don't want to stay in this atmosphere anymore or else he will persuade me to tell him everything.

"Sandal." My steps halted in his voice.

"If you want me to forget everything and move forward than you have to promise me something."

"What?" I say looking into my eyes.

"You will tell every single detail about that day. There will be no more secrets in between us."

"Okay!" I said without any second thought and left the room. I know I have to re-live that painful day but anything for him.

Anything ......


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