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Ahmed's POV:

Experience is remolding us every moment and our reaction to everything. It is a resultant of our experience from the past till up to the day. Our experiences also overlapped by new and from this point, the change begins. That's what exactly happening to me.

I looked at my wife sleeping face and place a kiss on her forehead. Yesterday she was holding me in her arms, protecting me from my fears. Like she always does. At such moments I really wished to put my ego as a man on a side and cry out all my pain, but I can't.... I know she will never take advantage of my state even if I do. But.... I want to be a protector, instead of being protected.

I move aside to take a proper look if her face but once again she comes forward and snuggles into my chest.

She is really strange ...

I chuckled and squeeze her tight into my arms.

Let's see what she does on waking up!

I close my eyes fell asleep again before I know it.


Sandal's POV:

Before opening my eyes I took a deep breath and felt Ahmed shuffle a little. Slowly I open my eyes and push him to get up. But my hands come in contact with the warm skin of his chest instead of fabric.

He is sleeping without a shirt again....

I gasped and start pushing him harder.

Aaaah! Why he has to be so strong??

"Suniye, wake up." I shake him.

"No." He said, pulling me more closely.

"C-cant breathes." I manage to utter and lose his grip.

Taking advantage of this I quickly sits up. I frowned at him, I hate when he sleeps like this.

Liar, you are afraid to be caught on drooling over him....

My inner voice said.

My eyes roamed over his broad shoulder and muscles but quickly averted my eyes. Uff! Whom am I kidding? He really looks so..... hot? I guess.

But I can't tell him.

"Mr. Ahmed Wali how many tim-" Before I could complete the sentence, I was pulled by arm and pinned down on the bed with Ahmed hovering me, half naked.

Heat start rushing to my face and I found myself unable to meet his gaze. But I am also too embarrassed to watch his naked chest. So I do the first thing came to my mind, I close my eyes tightly.

I heard a deep chuckle and I mentally facepalm myself for my stupidity.

"Open your eyes, Sandal." His voice held amusement. I shook my head in negative.

"Open them." He whispered close to my face and I didn't budge.

"Sandal!" His voice had warning tone, which I ignore and felt his lips on mine the next moment. I felt my breath hitched at the contact but didn't find the strength to open my eyes. The warmth stays there for a while before start traveling to the neck, leaving me breathless.

"I-I need to go to the bathroom." I blurted, as he reached to my neckline. He lifted his head and look at me in disbelief.

"Move please, hurry up." I know

ace heat up and I abruptly averted my gaze. Then something pops up in my mind and I looked back at him.

"Why cannot be your wife be bold?" I asked raising my chin a little.

"Because she is not.... it's not her character." He answered with an amused smile.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I know her more than herself."

"What if she proves you wrong?"

"She can't." He mocked.

"I can."

"Fine, then kiss me."


"Kiss me and prove me wrong." His smile turns into a mischievous one. I was taken aback by his dare and didn't response him.

"See I told you."

"Fine!" I narrowed my eyes at him.


"I will do it."

"Well, I am waiting." His hands leave my body and his smiling eyes glued to my face.

Great! I dig my own grave...

"Close your eyes." I ordered.

"Fine." He chuckled and closes his eyes.

I took a step near him, biting my inner lip.

Do it, Sandal... do it. He is your husband after all....

I leaned closer to his lips but ended up kissing his cheek and hid my face in his neck.

I am such an idiot.....

He let out a loud laugh, making my heart flutter. He encircled his arms around me.

"Well, she is certainly my Sandal."

A smile appeared on my face hearing the word 'my Sandal' from his mouth. I also hugged him back whispering, 'My Ahmed....'

I thought falling in love is hard but now I am glad I did....


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Many readers may don't find Ahmed's reason for his phobia strong. But let me remind you, kids mind are overly sensitive and active. They can imagine things easily whether it is fantasies or fear.

I also update new chapters of "You are Mine" and "Oh! My Darling Teacher" enjoy them too ...

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