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Sandal's POV:

This place is indeed beautiful and peaceful, but it starting to get boring now. We have been here for eight hours and the only thing we do is rest, eat and rest again.

Both Ahmed and I rest for an hour after reaching here, sitting five hours in the car was exhausting especially with Ahmed like bore person. He didn't play a single game on the way, all we do was stupid talking about different things.

Later when I tried to play my favorite songs he keeps turning it off or changing the song saying it's childish. I compromise with Edd Sheeran songs but I couldn't stop myself when he called One Direction childish. So, our fight started on a single song, which ended on me saying him an old soul and singing a very old Indian song 'Buddha mil gaya' (I married to an old man).

He was pissed and so was I, but everything went back to normal when he bought me an ice cream, as soon as we stop at a gas station.

My trail of thoughts broke by my mobile ringing. I look at the caller ID and the number was unknown to me. Silently I got up from the bed the leave the room, not wanting to disturb Ahmed.

"Hello Assalam O Alaikum?"

"Wallaikum Assalam.... Am I speaking to Mrs. Ahmed?

"Eh?.. yes ." someone calls me with first time like this.

"I am Amna... first cousin of Ahmed Bhai and Anam's big sister."


"What are you doing?" I heard Ahmed's voice from behind.

"Watching stars.... They look beau

rd, I can see knuckles getting white and his eyes lost in deep thoughts.

Out of nowhere I reached out and embraced him, which he returned and pulled me closer. I tighten my arms around his torso when I felt him shiver.

"Sandal I can't....."

"I know...its okay." I put my head on his chest and start making a circle on his back hoping it would calm him a bit.

I hate that woman for doing this him..... to my husband ....


Salam and hello everyone!

So sorry for the late update.... I lost my USB during Ramazan, in which I saved all chapters and couldn't find it yet :(

Now I gave up on finding it and writing the whole chapter again. But I didn't want you to keep waiting, so I will be updating the last chapter in parts.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you understand the situation.

I updated the second chapter of 'My Four Eyed Husband' try it.

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Take care :)

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