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Sandal's POV:

"I need your help." I said to Zohma and Muskan as we sit in Zohma's room. She came to her weekly visit to our home today.

"What sort of help bhabi?" Ask Muskan.

"Listen I wanted to talk to him about treatment tomorrow and I have no idea how to start it."

"Don't worry, everything will work out on its own once you start talking." Zohma shrugged.

"But still ..... it will be better to have some sort of plan, so things won't go out of hand, " Muskan says tapping her index finger on her chin, " got it." She smiles meaningfully.


Dinner, check. Dressing, check. Auntie and Muskan not at home, check. I double check everything and start waiting for Ahmed's arrival. I look at the clock, there is still some time. So I thought of praying Asar. After praying when I make my way back to the living room I found Ahmed sitting on the couch in front of the television with a water bottle in his hand. He did not even take off his shoes. I frowned, taking a glass from the kitchen I put it on the coffee table in front of him.

"Assalam o Allaikum."

"Huh?... oh. Wallaikum Assalam." He averted his gaze from television to answer me than focus back on it. I turn around and my frowned deepened.

Live Cricket match!

Means, more than ninety percent of Pakistani male population is out of order until the match is going on. I sighed and look at him hopelessly.

"Suniye? At least change your clothes."

"Going." He says, with his focus on the match.

As an over ended he walks into the room and came out with his shirt on hand. Everything happened so fast that it felt like watching some supernatural show.

I made tea for us and sit beside him. Hoping he would notice something, but .....

Nope! Nothing .....

That man didn't care to ask where his mother and sister are...


Sitting beside the bed on the floor. I throw my head back looking at the stars of the planetarium. If only Shoaib were here, he would've told me about match schedule and saved me from wasting my time and energy like this.

Yeah, it was a total waste, even on dinner, he didn't realize that I made all his favorite dishes. After dinner, I give him his tea and came here. Sitting in living and feeling avoided by your husband is harder than sitting here alone and sulking.

My phone beeped and Zohma's msg popped up.

Z: 'Plan is working?'

I: 'No, your cricket crazy brother is busy in match :/'

Z: 'What? What kind of woman are you? Can't even seduce your husband.'

I: 'Speaking of husband. Where is yours? He is not watching cricket?'

Z: '*sigh* yes he is.'

I: 'As expected. Anyways going to pray Isha. Talk to you later.'

I throw my phone on the bed, pray Isha and came back to my previous position. Does Papa do the same with Ami during matches? And she felt the same dejection and disappointment as me?


Ahmed's POV:

'Bhai, can I talk to Sandal? She is not picking her phone.'

'Okay, wait.'

"Sandal! Zohma wants to talk to you." I yell, sitting on the couch.

No respons

ps and without thinking I started to lean closer.


Sandal POV:

I watched him leaning closer to my lips.

Don't panic ..... don't panic ...

My hand grip tightened on his shoulders and I close my eyes, waiting for warmth to touch. But it never did, instead, I heard Ahmed phone ringing and his cursing words. I opened my eyes and saw a fierce-looking Ahmed Wali barking at the phone. I bit my lower lip to hold my laugh, which didn't go unnoticed by him. He narrows his eyes at me and I start laughing which is quite painful, as he still on top of me.

"You got lucky just now wife but don't forget it will be my turn soon." He said in a husky voice and moved away from me.


"Beta your spacing out again."

"G?.... sorry." I looked down at my breakfast again and realize I didn't take a single bite.

"Are you feeling unwell?" Auntie asked me worriedly.

"No Auntie I am fine... just not hungry." I said with apologetic tone and I heard a snickered from my left. Where my husband is seated.

"Ami I am taking Sandal to our lake house tonight... would you guys like to join us?"

"No, both of you go and enjoy yourself. Beside Muskan exams are from next week, so it's better if she stays."

"Okay. I'll be going then. Allah Haffiz Ami." He kissed her forehead and tilt his head a little mentioning me to follow him. Silently I stood up and follow him to the gate.

"So, it's going to be me and you alone." He says with a mischievous smile playing on his face.

"Pack our stuff for three days. We'll leave tomorrow before Fajar. Okay." I nodded.

"Love you." He creased my cheek with his fingers and slid inside the car.


Salam and hello everyone!

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So, my next story will be "Oh! My Darling Teacher" ...... look forward to it.

I try my best to update it before Eid but no promises. :)

Oh! Pic of Sandal's dress is given.

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