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   Chapter 36 NO.36

And You became my Dawn By lailamehtaab Characters: 2699

Updated: 2018-02-12 16:27

Help Needed:

Salam and hello everyone!

As I told you before, I need your opinion about which story I should write after this one?

I have two stories in mind, both are my favorite and I couldn't decide any one. But it's hard to choose one.

Kindly help me making my choice with commenting.

Prologue of both stories are given.


Where? (A Muslim Paranormal Romance)

God created his every being different from another.

Everyone have their different identity, Different thoughts, Different abilities.

But some abilities are not accepted by societies, Abilities like mine.

I am Jaweriya Zaman and I can see



Jaweriya Zaman it's not a normal teenage girl. As she possess a special gi


"JUST FORGET IT." He shouted again and stomp into his room.


"And what if I said I love you?" He said looking straight in my eyes.

"I don't believe you anymore. You're a liar."

"But I am not lying right now. Can't you see-"

"Dinner is ready." Ahmar announced coming between us and dragged me out of the room holding my duppatta.

"AHMAR YOU JERK" He snickered as we heard Zulqarnain irritated voice.


Plz comment!

Take Care :)

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