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Sandal's POV:

"So bhabi are you going continue your studies?" Salman bhai asked.

"No.... At least not for now." Ahmed said before I could answer. I looked at him bewilderingly, unable to understand his logic. Qurat-ul-Ain bhabi seems to understand the situation so she calls me.

"Sandal, help me serving the dinner please."

"Sure bhabi." I said slowly and we walk to the kitchen together.

"Tell me, having a problem in dealing with Ahmed?" She asked out of nowhere and caught me off guard. I tried to deny it but no words came out of my mouth and I start fidgeting.

"You don't have to be nervous Sandal. We all are friends from so many years.... and we know each other very well..... I can tell that he is causing a problem for you........ listen, we still have little time for dinner.... so let me tell you something about your husband." She leads me to the living room. It was empty as everyone is sitting on the lawn.

"To be honest with you, I don't know if I should tell you or not because it is something related to Wali family. But a part of me wanted to tell you because you are the only one who can help him and besides it will help you to understand him better. Otherwise, both of you ended up hurting each other ." I nodded. She took a breath and started, "Ahmed's father has a younger brother who fell in love with a middle-class girl. Ahmed's grandparents didn't like the girl. You know the status difference thing, but he insisted on marrying her. So his parents gave up and allow him to marry her. His wife .....turns out to be a gold digger and unfaithful to her husband....He died after four years of his marriage, one year after Ahmed's father's death.... within three years both Ahmed's grandparents also died...... I don't know the whole story about what really happened but I hope you can get it now why he hated middle-class people before he met you."

I sat their frozen and keep staring at her, couldn't believe what I just heard.

"What's the matter? Why you looked so shocked?"

"S-sorry. It's just...... it's hard for me to believe that things like these happened in real life."

She laughs and said, "You really are an innocent person .....and beautiful too.No wonder Ahmed can't help himself falling for you."

"Bhabi please don't make fun of me."

"I am serious dear..... anyways, back to the point. Your life from here gets a little difficult. There are chances that Ahmed might test you on bases of his family experience.... but don't give up and try to gain his trust even if he becomes overly protective, possess

I noticed that Sandal takes three spoons herself after every single spoon she feed me.

"What are you doing?" I frowned.

"Helping you to finish ice cream." She stated.

"I didn't ask for your help and besides it's mine."

"What are you talking about. I am your wife, I am obliged to help too and besides your everything belongs even you like it or not." She said talking another full spoon in her mouth. It's the first time she is talking me in a friendly atmosphere. I feel much relaxed now.


"Sandal. Where are my clothes?"

"Here." She gave it to me.

"Ary, tell me something. Where do you learn to handle kids?"

"I use to look after Palwisha."

"So we feed her too?" She nodded.

"And she also kissed you like Hamza?"

Why am I asking this???

"Yes, sometimes do that when they are very glad about something."

"What did you do to make him happy?"

I am confused ...

"I asked him to help me eating because he is so good at it and I cannot eat by myself." She giggles and said.

"Oh!" She smiled at me and turn around to go pick her clothes.

"Hey, Sandal?"


"Can I have a kiss?" I asked, taking a step closer to her. She didn't answer me and look little uncomfortable.

She is still too far....

"Forget I asked." I sighed and walk towards the bathroom.

"Suniye?... you forgot this?"

"What?" I turn to her and before I know it. She ran into the bathroom giving a light pack on my lips.


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