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Sandal's POV:

I stare at him as he comforts Ami holding in an embrace. Our eyes met and we held each other gaze before we were interrupted by Imran's voice.

"Assalam o Allaikum everyone." He wave his hand to me and Areeba said something under her breath, which I didn't catch.

"Wallaikum Assalam. How are you?"

"As handsome as ever." He said combing his hairs with fingers and I heard Areeba scoff.

I look at her but she was busy on mobile and then Imran. He just shrugged and look away.

What am I missing here???


Imran dragged us all to have second breakfast with him and then I saw how much can Ahmed eat. He just ate two parathas before leaving the house and now he is eating halwa puri.

Ya Allah! Does this man has a hole in his stomach???

After it, we headed back to home.

"Auntie, we need to leave tonight for Karachi. Something important came up and I really need to be there." He announced when we reached home and I looked at him in surprise.

Can't he just tell me before?

"Sure beta, you should go work is important." Ami answered him, then said to me, "Sandal leave everything. Areeba and I will make lunch. You go and pack your stuff." Her voice doesn't sound normal.

"G!" I instantly got up and Ahmed follows me to my room. I was mad at him for not telling me before so I keep my mouth shut and start packing. Suddenly he holds me from both arms and turns me around to face him.

"Hey, I know you don't want to leave yet but it's important. I have to be in the office tomorrow." He explained me in low voice.

"Can't you leave me here for few days?" I looked at him expectantly.

"No. You are going back with me."

"Please, just for few days?"

"No means no Sandal. I will not leave you here." He said sternly and left the room. I stood there staring at my feet and trying to hold my tears which are flowing on their own. It was the first time when I ask something from him and he rejected me like this, not caring how will I feel.


I didn't talk much to him after that and he seems to be noticed that, as he tries to compensate by taking us out on dinner but it doesn't help me at all. I put up the mask of '

cared? What are you talking about." I tried to push him and his frown deepened.

Oh no!

He abruptly takes a hold of my waist from one hand and cupped my face from other. His grip was rough and hard.

"What is it Sandal.... is something wrong then tell me... Your behavior is different, you seem afraid to for no reason. What are you hiding from me .... answer me properly, now." His eyes get darker.

"Ahmed you're hurting me." I wiggle in his grip.

"That's not the answer I want." He didn't move nor lose his grip.

"I am not hiding anything.... why would I hide anything from my husband." I hissed in pain and tears start coming in my eyes. He loses his grip on my waist, as he saw tears in my eyes. He quickly wipes my tears with his hand and hugged me, placing small kisses on my neck.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

He slid his arm around my waist and I hissed again from the pain. He quickly backed away saying sorry. I nodded and said, "I'll be back after fixing my Kajal."

I went to the bathroom and closing the door behind me I lean against it. My body is still shivering from fear, the look I saw in his eyes was frightening.

Ya Allah! Am I over reacting or there is really something I failed to see in him before???


Salam and hello everyone!

A new update.... enjoy it and tell me. What are your thoughts about Ahmed?

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