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Sandal POV:

"BAJJO.....! Ahmed bhai is calling you...." I was washing dinner dishes when l heard Hareem's shout from my room.

"Go bajjo, your Hubby is calling you." Areeba tease me and winked.

"Shut up!" I leave the dishes and walk to my room. Hareem was busy in playing a game on Ahmed's tablets, while her head resting on his lap and he was guiding her how to play.

Friendly much ......?

"G (yes)?" I asked entering the room.

"Where is Auntie?" Ahmed asks.

"Sleeping, she got tired because people were coming for condolence."

"Hm, sleep is good for her.... and.... where is the cactus?" Hareem giggles when he called Areeba 'cactus'.

"She is making tea." I sat on a cushion in corner of room. When Areeba brings his tea and cold drinks for us sisters.

"Having Saaliyan (sister-in-law) is a blessing for a man. Right cactus?" He teased Areeba.

"Every single word you say is correct Dulha (groom) bhai." Said Areeba smiling and Ahmed's crocked an eyebrow.

So, they are ready for battle .....

We all sat together talking about different things. To our school life till now. Things about Papa, Shoaib, and Palwisha. We never talk like this about them after their deaths and the best thing is, not even once environment becomes stressful. We went to bed when Hareem sleeps, during our chatting. I was about to lay down beside Ami when Areeba came to me.

"Listen Bajjo! ...... I think you should sleep with Ahmed bhai."


"You see, he is here leaving his work, his family and all his responsibilities towards her newly wedded sister ..... he is here to support you and your family. It's kind of sweet of him..... No one does that, bajjo...... so, I think you should be with him more.... he is your family too."

"I know, but what will Ami thin-"

" Ami will understand ..... every mother of a daughter will understand this.... go now, I can see you are getting excited now." She smiles mischievously.

"No, I am not!"

"Ahan. But Bajjo the blush creeping up on your face telling a whole different story." She grins and pushes me out of the room.


The door was open and I can see him doing work on his tablet, still, I knocked.

"Hey, I thought you went to bed.... something wrong?" He inquired and focus back to his tablet.

"No, everything is fine ... I was just wondering can... I....." I stop in the middle when I saw Areeba facepalming herself, fro

they need us, as they already have each other. Their eyes hold determination to move forward and not bow down their heads. They have a long journey ahead of them and they are ready to take the first step. The one who needs help is people who stand this side of school gates. Parents, who lost their only child or all children..... Standing silently looking at children with longing eyes and wiping their tears again and again. I heard a sob and my head snapped towards it. Auntie was crying badly clutching to her dupatta.

"Auntie don't cry. You're strong..... wife and mother of Shaheed....... don't cry." I hugged her tight and said, "look at your daughter there Auntie ..... she is a Ghazi, going to complete her mission of education ..... a mission that is granted to us by Allah..... have pride on her braveness Auntie, have pride on our Shaheed."

She nodded lightly and mumble. "Allah take care of my children."



Salam and hello everyone!

Uff! It was hard to write this chapter. I couldn't stop my own tears from flowing when I remember those kids and their families. So, sorry if you find mistakes in this chapter.

Kids are the beauty of this world and blessing of Allah. Injuring them or killing them is a sin.

Their smiles and their innocence need to protected and may Allah help us in protecting it.


A song for those flowers who left so soon and for the buds which are about to bloom.

Don't forget to vote and comment.

Take care :)

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