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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Sandal's POV:

I step outside the car and greeted by the old familiar looking houses, faces and front door of my house. Most of the neighborhood kids yelled my name wave their hands to me.

Ahmed also came beside me.

"Are we going inside or not?" He asked.

"Oh sorry. Come." We walked over to the door and Ahmed open his palm in front of me.

"Keys." It took me a minute to register what he said.

Oh my Allah! Keys....

" Ah... I don't have keys." I said to him biting my inner lip.

"What?" His voice was deadly.


"Sorry?.... what do you mean by sorry? ...... how can you be so stupid? You came all the way from Karachi to Peshawar and you forgot to bring the keys." He scolded me in low voice and I kept quiet looking at the floor.

"Now what are you doing? Let's go to a hotel." I nodded and walk back to the car but Ahmed didn't come with me. I looked back and found him pushing the gate after unlocking it. My mouth drops open and I ran back to him.

"H-how did you?" I pointed to the gate and he shows me the house keys in his palm.

"How did you get those?"

"Well...... I have my source." He grabbed my hand and drag me inside...... to my home.

"Everything is changed." I whisper to myself.

The front yard where Papa had done gardening.... is gone, leaving dried dead stems behind. After crossing the front yard, Ahmed opens the main door.

I step inside first, "Assalam o Allaikum." I unconsciously said out loud and waited for an answer. I feel my stomach dropped when that answer never came. I looked at Ahmed from the corner of my eyes. Standing near entrance he was noticing my every movement. I am sure that if I break down now, he will drag me to Karachi and never let come here again.

Taking a deep breath I walk to Areeba's and Hareem's room, taking in every single detail. Then I went to Ami and Papa's room, somehow it feels a bit different, I get the same feelings from mine and Palwisha's room and when I enter Shoaib's room, I found it empty. There was nothing except his bed. His pictures, trophies, computer, CD collection everything is gone.

"Where is this stuff?" I mumble.


s his morning tea, afternoon tea and after dinner tea on time. Thinking about his hunger, I quickly brush my teeth and took a shower. I rushed over to the kitchen and found 'Halwa Puri' on the dining table.

"Hurry up wifie, serve the breakfast."

After breakfast, I made tea for us and sit on the couch opposite to him. I glance at him, busy on his phone as ever talking to someone in his usual business tone. I always loved his voice. He has a habit of spinning anything in his reach when he concentrates. Right now he is spinning his teacup on the coffee table. His habits can easily be understood by spending little time with him. But there are things that make me worry. He is demanding, want full attention of his family and friends. He wants obedience and got angry when things go against his will. He wants things as he says when he says. He kept things to himself. Only give you information and tell you things, which he thinks is sufficient for things to work out. These habits may come handy in business. But in relations, this can cause a huge problem and I have a feeling that I will be facing something soon. I sighed and looked away.

I don't know if I have guts to handle him.....


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