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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Ahmed's POV:

Tonight is our second night at the beach house and I regret coming here with Sandal. She spends more time in admiring sea rather than me.

Great, I am being jealous of the sea now....

I sighed and start changing channels. My mind is continuously circling around to the kiss we share today or more like the kiss I stole today. It could've been better than that but she .....

Argh! Forget it.

"Suniye, where is the other bag?" Sandal asks me coming out from the room.


Once I hated this typical Pakistani women's way of calling their husband ... Why can't they simply call their names? I like Sandal calls me by my name, which rarely happens but....... somehow 'suniye' sounds cuter. It held a shyness and hesitation that makes me smile every time she uses this word.

"Which other bags?" I asked without moving my eyes from TV.

"The brown one has other clothes in it." I remain silent for a moment.

The brown one.....???

"There wasn't any other bag Sandal." I say when I failed to recall anything about other bags.

"There was, Zohma told me she packed my remaining clothes in it."

"But I don't recall somethin-"

I stop in the middle when I remember Sadiq Chachu (our housekeeper) asks me to put other bags in the car and I said no.

"Oops!" I say looking at Sandal and her eyes widened.

"Don't tell me you forgot it in the home." And I gave her an apologetic smile."What should I wear now? I only have this dress... and it's not comfortable to sleep in."

"Where are the other clothes?"

"They all are dirty." Her voice rises a bit which made me turn my full attention to her.

Oh! She is angry....

"You know how to wash cloths right? So wash them."

"We don't have a washing machine here or any washing powder... so what should I use? Shampoo or beauty soap and even if I wash it with shampoo it will not be dry soon." She says putting her hands on hips.

So she has this side of her too....

I slowly walk to her and bring her to wardrobe holding her hand. I took out one of my t-sh

urself to face everything?" I look at him dumbfounded.


Ahmed's POV:

"You're taking me to Peshawar?" She asks me in disbelief.

"Yes, tomorrow morning. If you think you can handl-"

Before I could finish my sentence she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

"Thank you.... thank you.... thank you." She tightened her grip on me. It made me smile and I hugged her back.

"But let me make this clear. If things go out of hand then I will bring you back that instantly and will not send you back no matter what you say. Got it." She nodded.

Whom am I kidding? I know I can't so no to her if she wants to go back...

She unwrapped her arm around me. When I back away a little, she quickly holds my glass and drank all my juice and jump down from the counter.

"Hay! That was mine." I whine.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love apple juice." She shrugged.

"Oh! At least my glass of juice was luckier than me. It was privileged by the love of my wife." I sighed and she giggles.

"Stop sulking. I love you too."

"You love me?" I asked back in disbelief.

"When did I say that? I said, I love sleeping ..... and it's about time we should sleep right?" She panicked and ran into the room.

I love you too my wifie.....


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