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Sandal's POV:

My clothes were fully drenched in seawater. I took a quick shower and run towards the kitchen to make breakfast. But to my surprise I found Ahmed making tea for us. He also fried eggs which already served on the kitchen counter. I slowly reached him and stood beside.

"Let me help."

"No, it's fine.... have a seat and start your breakfast."He says without making eye contact.

Is he mad at me???

Feeling somewhat dejected I sit on a stool and start eating. He puts our teacups on the counter and starts eating from my plate.

"There is another plate too you know. " I blurted out.

"Na, its fine." He says pulling his stool close to mine. He eats rather quick, so he finished before me.

"So what's today's plan?" He asked taking a sip of tea.

" I don't have any plans."

"Hm!.... so why don't we watch some movies?"

"I am not into movies." I mumble.

"Okay! Then tell me what to do?"

"You can...... talk?" It comes out like a question.

"That's a good idea.... but mind telling me whom should I talk to?"

"......To me?"

"Oh yeah! Right ..... you can talk to ... I forget this fact sometimes." His voice held sarcasm. Knowing how mad he is, I stay quiet.

"Have you been to Karachi before now?" he asked after a while.

"Once, we came here on holidays with everyone."

"So, you like here?" he asked leaning against the counter.

"Yes! It's a very lively place."

"Ahan! It is........ so you also study in APS. Right?" I nodded.

"In co-education?"

"Yes!" I took a sip of my tea.

It tastes horrible....

"And college?..... it co-ed too. Right?" I narrowed my eyes looking at the cup.

What is he getting at????

"I thought you already had my background check."

"I did, but there many things I want to hear from you."

"What sort of things?" I asked and he leaned closer to look in my eyes.

"Maybe some other time." He backed away and put our plates and cups into the washbasin.

When I got up to wash it, he grabbed my hand and walk to living room. He settled me down on the sofa by th

too." He got up, brushing his lips against my jawline.

I get up properly and settle my dress. We both kept quiet for few minutes. He was staring at my red embarrassed face with a big smile and I was looking everywhere except him.

"Don't play this type of jokes again." I said angrily.

"Fine! If you promise you will not say 'no' to me?"

"I..... cannot promise that.... not for now."

"Well, you have to deal with it then...." With this, he got up.

"Go and get some sleep, you didn't sleep last night."

"Yeah, how can anyone sleep when a six fit tall, grown man is sleeping upon you." I mumble to myself.

"Did you say something wife?" He asks cupping my face in his hand and I shook my head in negative.

"Hmm....! Oh, and next time I will make sure that you sleep on top of me." His phone rang and he quickly stole a kiss and walked away.

In the end, he won and got the kiss he wants and on the other hand, I feel a puppet of his hands.

"T-thats not fair....!" I protest when I realize my first kiss has been stolen without my permission.


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