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Sandal's POV:

"So let me introduce myself and my friends." Said the guy with brown hairs and somewhat hazel brown eyes I guess. It's hard for me to decide the color of a person's eyes.

"The one sitting beside you, Ahmed Wali, your husband."

"I am sure she is aware of that fact." Ahmed interrupted him. He shot a glare at him and continue.

"..... on your right side, you will found Saeed Mustafa and his wife Qurat-ul-Ain. The guy sitting next to Saeed, with pale white skin is Armaghan Khan. Next to him, with wavy black hair is Salman Hussain and the guy kneeling down in front of you bhabi. Is one and only Muhammad Imran." He finished his announcement with a big goofy smile. "If you finished with your drama, get back to your place." Saeed bhai says in a bored voice.

"Thank you, Imran bhai, for an introduction." I thanked him politely.

"Woah there! Don't call me bhai okay....?"


"It will make me feel old.... so it will be Imran. Just Imran okay." He emphasizes on 'just Imran'.

"Okay, Imran."

"That's like a good girl." He grins and went back to the sofa.

"So bhabi, I want you to choose..... it's a thing that we decided among friends. Ahmed will tell you details later. For now, you tell me. What will you choose? 'Option A' or 'Option B'?" Said Salman.

Confused, I looked at Ahmed. He gave me an encouraging smile.

"Option B?" I sounded kind of unsure.

"Then option B it is.... Oye Ahmed... catch." Salman bhai says and throws keys to Ahmed, which he easily caught.

"Are you guys serious?" He looked at the keys and says. Most of them shrugged and Qurat-ul-Ain bhabi winked at me.

What is going on?


"Where are we?" I asked Ahmed, as we drove out of my the city. I am sitting in the passenger seat of his car, while he is driving. Apart from his eyes, which was covered by his sunglasses, he looked relax and fresh.


"And, where are we going now?"

"You will find soon enough." He says putting his left arm on the back of my seat. My eyes landed on his arm, then on him. His body is well built and well shaped, perfectly hugged by his navy blue T-shirt. He looked quite handsome today. Was he really this handsome when we've first met? Or I was blind not to see him?

I came out of my thoughts when I heard him chuckle.

" I don't know if you were blind or not but I am glad that you find me handsome." He says stroking back of his fingers on my cheek.

D-did I say that out loud?

Ya Allah! Kill me now.....

I looked out the window and the sight in front of my eyes was almost breathtaking. Our car is going on the road that was made just along with seashore. I can see the glittering surface of the sea as far as my sight goes.

"It's beautiful." I breathed out looking at it.

"Yes, it is...... I wonder what will you say when we reached our destination." I heard Ahmed' voice.

"Hm?" I turn my face to him.

"The place we are going is much beautiful than this."

"But why are we going anyway?"

"Oh! I didn't tell you....... you see...after Saeed's wedding, we all pity him and Qurat-ul-Ain in short Ainy, attending dinners every day from different relatives. You know the 'Dawat' things right? So we decide to help them out. We send them tour farmhouse."

"For honeymoon?"

"Not for a honeymoon. It was a...... escape a sort of. Th

that's it?" he teased.

"Yes! I cannot maintain balance anymore and besides, it is dangerous."

"Ahan!" with that pulling my hand he spun me around and now I was facing him. The next moment a huge wave came and hit my back. I gasped and almost lost my balance but didn't fall as he was holding me by both arms. We both soaked in water and I can taste the salt in my mouth.

"W-Why did you do that?" my voice was shaking.... it really scared me.

"Your eyes...... they look better holding emotions. Even if it's fear, shock, happiness, hesitation, shyness..." He says, holding my chin up and bringing his head towards mine. I quickly back away him little, just to be pushed back to his chest by waves.

"Still not ready huh?"

"S-sorry..... I need some time." I said, trying to stand straight, still grabbing one of his arms. He kept quiet and helped me to stand. We walked back a little when he pulled me into a gentle hug.

"Sandal don't panic okay?" He whispered in my ear and put his head on my shoulder.

"Hm." I barely manage to say that.

"Now.... Quiet your breathing...." He orders in low melting voice and I obey him.

"Increase the pause before and after exhalation.... Feel, what is going on as much you can..... The sounds.... the motions of things....the flow of feelings within you...the position and tension of your body....your thoughts.....Feel, that I am here with you .... holding you...... yourself is present, right here... right now." He paused for a moment and I feel our breathing matches.

" Time stops..... everything happening or existing is just as it should be..... There is no time.....there is only now....this moment....... I cannot give you what you are asking me, Sandal. As it is not in my power .... but I will wait for you....... so come, before I turn into dust."

With that, he let go of me and walk back to the house. Leaving me breathless.

Come, before I turn into dust....


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