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Sandal's POV:

'Nikkah is a bond that cannot be described in words, nor can be understood. It can only be felt will feel it too.... one day.'

'Feel..... it? Sobia Baji sometimes you say strangest things.'

'It is not strange..... You will understand after you got married.'

'Understand what?'

'Something that cannot understand now.'

'Try me.'

'Okay then! .....You know when Allah bound two people in Nikkah, a connection is automatically built between them...... How do I put it? Um.... It's like. You will feel attraction towards him..... You won't flinch on his touch..... His presence makes you feel safe.... and many more things.'

Those were the words Sobia Baji told me when I asked her about the relation of Nikkah once. I didn't get the concept back then, but now.....

Since last night both of us were together. Not for even once I dislike him being near me. I didn't dislike his touch, nor feel like pulling myself back whenever he approached me. It felt embarrassing but not disgust or scared. I peeked from the corner of my eyes, he was busy on his phone, texting someone.


I frowned looking at him. Sensing my movement he, looked at me and slid the phone into his pocket, giving me an apologetic smile. Which later turned into a genuine one, as his eyes took all of my appearances in. Quickly I averted my gaze from his face.

Our car stopped at the main entrance of the venue. But before I could move or say anything he holds my hand tightly.

"Wait! ...." he says, "Listen carefully, there will be media photographers tonight. I know you're not used to this but try to cope up with it. okay? Don't panic, I will be with you." I nodded and he got off the car.


He was right, there were many media photographers. It was a different sort of gathering. Everywhere I look I saw bright lights, high-class families, and glamour. It was hard for me to fit in, so I kept my gaze low. It saved me a lot from uncomfortable glances I have been receiving. But I still can hear hateful comments, given by ladies. Maybe that's why he holds my han

e sounds surprised.

"I am sorry?"

"No after that."

"After what?"

"Didn't you call me Sir just now?"

"Eh?...... ah, no." He didn't say anything, just stare at me.

"I'll go get ready." I passed him to take my dress.

"Sandal." He says grabbing my arm.


"What is my name?" he turns me to himself.


"I asked... what is my name?"

"What kind of question is this?"

"Call my name Sandal." He demanded.

I bit my inner lip, looking down but didn't answer.

"My name, Sandal." He says, coming a step closer.

"Ahmed." I mumble, louder enough for him to hear.


"Ahmed.... Ahmed Wali.... that is your name." I said looking into his brown eyes and he smirked.

"Make sure to practice calling my name." He slid his hand against my arm and takes a hold of my hand.

"I am not your boss anymore." Giving a soft kiss on the back of my hand he let me go. Without wasting a second I ran into the bathroom and close the door.

I know you're not my boss anymore.....Ahmed!


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