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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Pic of Sandal's dresses.


Sandal's POV:

I look at the girl standing in front of me through a huge mirror. Wearing a red bridal dress, she is not the girl I knew. She is not Sandal Khalil anymore. She is a woman, a married woman ..... wife of Ahmed Wali..... Mrs. Sandal Ahmed.

Yes, I got married to Ahmed Wali tonight.... how that happens? ........ I don't have an answer for that....... he somehow manages to win over my family..... Ami is happy with him and thinks he will be best for me.... she says she'll be more than happy if I agree to this marriage and when I saw the extreme of happiness in Ami's eyes, I lost all my strength to fight.... putting everything behind me, I gave in.... just like that ....... no commotions.... no arguments at all.... I thought I was tough but it turns out to be wrong.

Without wasting any time our wedding held on the second day of Zohma's Valeema reception..... and now here I am..... in his house, in his room, as his wife.

My heart is beating wildly and now I feel scared to death ..... what have I been thinking......and what I should do now???

My breath hitched when I heard door opening but I didn't move a bit. I lift my gaze and saw him closing the distance between us, with a triumph look on his face. As stood in front of me a smile formed on his face, his eyes have a glint of happiness in it...... or maybe it was a reflection of golden embroidery of my dress. Without saying a word, he kept staring at me. At that time I notice how handsome he is looking in his brown Sherwani.

"You know you look beautiful when you checking me out like this." He says smiling and quickly I dropped my gaze. I heard a chuckle and he says, "You don't have to look away." With that, he pulled me closer holding my hand.

" You have every right for this." He puts his forehead on mine. I can feel his warm breath on my face and it's making my legs jelly..... I tried to control myself but fail, all my senses and my body went numb and I feel like about to fall. He circles his arm around my waist and helps me stand steady.

"I think you need some rest.... the bathroom is on the left side, your clothes are already there." I mentioned to the left and step aside. I feel a little dejected for some reason but kept my mouth closed.

I walk carefully to the bathroom, so I won't trip on my heavy dress, its weight too much. I closed the door and my mouth which was ajar after seeing this huge stylish bathroom. Standing in front of vanity I mentally fac

ches. Taking out a sea green color dress to wear and walk into the bathroom.


I saw my Valeema dress before but never thought it will be something like this.

"Zohma! What were you thinking when you buy this dress? Its tail is too long."

"I didn't buy the dress, none of us did." She shrugged.


"It was Imran's choice."

"Imran? You mean that model?"


"But why did he choose such heavy dresses, its hard to walk in it."

"Well, that exactly why he choose them... he thinks its romantic when a groom helps her bride in handling her dress." She informed me.

"Agree." Sir step into the room wearing a black tuxedo.

"Mashallah! You're looking handsome bhai." Zohma says.

"And you're also looking beautiful bhai's sister."

"I know. Get ready, we are about to leave." She kissed his cheek and left. With a low chuckle, Sir turned his attention to me.

" Shall we?" He asked and I got up. He briskly walks to me and stood in front of me. leaning his face closer to mine, he looked at my face like searching for something.

"What?" I mumble.

"Something feels incomplete." He whispers.


"Wait!.... Don't move okay." I stood still thinking what might have gone wrong. He tilts his head a little and places a kiss on my cheek. It made me jump slightly, I wasn't expecting it.

"Well, I guess that's the only thing I can do now, thanks to you're nose ring." He sighed and stand straight, leaving my heart in frenzy.


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