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   Chapter 23

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Pic of Seesha bar


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Sandal“s POV:

"W-what do you mean?"

"I wasn“t talking in Persian."

"But Sir, I really don-"

"You“re not going anywhere Sandal, nor will I let you."

"What?" I frown and his gaze hardened. Dominating and intense.

" I want you to stay here... by my side." He doesn“t lose his calm and that voice of his sending shivers through my back bone. I cannot put finger on it, but I also sense some change in his body language. My heart is beating like crazy and I really felt like running away.

"Huh?" My voice barely came out, but quickly shakes my head to self-composed myself and said, "Sir I really don“t understand what you are talking about. What I am trying to say is I will not stay here .... in this city anymore." This is getting annoying.

"And what if I stop you from leaving?" He says spinning his phone in hand, but his gaze was glued on me.

Is this some kind of joke? ??

"Why would you stop me?" I asked angrily.

"Because I like you."

"If you like someone it doesn“t mea- wait, what?" I cut my own sentence when I realize what he just said.

"It means, you want that someone near you.... by your side...always." He says as he rises from his seat and walk towards me. Abruptly I also stood up. He takes a step forward and I took a step backward.

"What? Are you afraid of me now?" He asks frowning and I quickly shook my head in negative.

"Then why are you moving back?" I kept silent for not knowing what to answer, but I stop myself from moving back any further.

"I asked a question Sandal." He stopped near table edge and lean over against it, crossing his arms on chest.

I took in a deep breath and say, " I-I don“t have answer .... b-but I should go now... It“s getting late." He nodded slowly and I walked outside. Almost running to elevator, I pressed its button.

Hurry hurry .....

I wanted to get out of here as fast as I can. The elevator“s door opens and I rushed inside. But before its door closes, someone puts a foot between it.

"You forgot to take your resignation back." Sir says as he come into the elevator. Holding my hand, he put four pieces of paper in it and slid his hands in his side pockets.

"One more thing. If you try any other way to resign, I will drag you to the court for any false claim I like. And I mean it, so don“t even think about it ... Allah Haffiz." He turns on his feet and walked away.

Wh-what was that???

I squirm in corner, clenching my hands into tight fists, I try to control myself..... fear?... anger?... I don“t know what I feel... the only thing I know is I have to get out of here. As the elevator stops I dash out from the building without caring about my heels. I quickly take a Rickshaw and tell the driver my address.


Mr. Ibrar“s POV:

"You mean I was the only one who kept in dark?" Shama asks angrily.

" You know! That“s the main problem of every typical Pakistani mother.... they think they know everything related to their child.... they never see them as grown up..... they have their own thoughts Shama, they can take their own decisions ....... and about this matter he didn“t tell anyone ..... it“s just his action made it clear as day." I replied her in same tone. She was about saying something but the heavy steps of Ahmed“s shoes made us stop our conversation. I was waiting for him. To be honest, I am here for him. He Salam loudly, but stops as his eyes met mine. He glares at me for a moment, then walk into his room.

Oh! My dear nephew is angry with me....

"What happens to him?" Shama says getting up.

"Where are going, Bari Bi? Sit down. I had an idea what might happen to him." I made Shama sit beside me grabbing her hand.

"He is coming from the office and he is mad because Sandal has given her resignation today."


"Yes, they are moving back to Peshawar."

"What? .... but I was planning to go to her house after Zohma“s wedding."

"Well, I suggest it would be better if you talk to

about it. Hareem is in good hands. My brother and his friends love to spoil the kids." I just nodded and holding her hand I bring her back to her place.

After a little round of Dholki the Rasam started. Zohma make me sit beside her all the time and I keep receiving glares from everyone. It was uncomfortable and later I started to feel suffocated. Maybe because I am still not recovering from my fever properly yet. Excusing myself, I sit in the corner. At the end of Rasam Muskan and I take Zohma back to her room. As we were leaving I saw Sir talking to Auntie about something. His eyes met mine and I quickly hid behind a Zohma.

What am I doing???

I ask myself.

"What are you doing?" This time it was Zohma.


Muskan left us both in the room as it“s about dinner time, but we decide to eat later. After all guest, dinner served again downstairs. Where Mr. And Mrs. Ami, Auntie, Sir and his friends were, we also joined them. I thought it would be awkward to eat with so many people whom we don“t know, but it turns out to be fun. All the time Sir and his friends along with Muskan kept teasing Zohma. Recalling their childhood days. Hareem was enjoying herself sitting between Sir and one of his friend, while Areeba was eating silently, lost in thoughts.

The elders were busy in their own talk and I am confused what to do. I can“t eat silently like Areeba because whenever I try, they drag me into their conversation and when I tried to fit in Sir“s scrutinizing gaze stopped me.

"Zohma, do you have my phone?" I didn“t notice I don“t have my phone with me.

"No, it was in bed. Didn“t you take it?"

"No!... I “ll be back in a moment ." I quickly walk into Zohma“s room, pick my phone and turn around to found Sir leaning against the entrance.


Salam & Hello everyone:

first thing first: pic of Seesha bar is on side. this is also called Hooqqa in Pakistan.

*Riskshaw: its a local sub-continental vehicle.

readers who don“t know what rikshaw look like can check it here.

and this is Pakistani truck art rikshaw

*Bari Bi: this term is use for elder women, but sometimes its also use to tease others.

*Bhaiyya: big brother.

As promised to update this chapter early.... its short I know, sorry for that..... but writing this chapter was so hard for me..... I edited it nineteen times. anyways enjoy it & apologizes for mistakes.

In next chapter, Imran will meet Areeba.... let“s see what happens!

Don“t forget to vote and comment.

Take care :)

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