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   Chapter 22

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Sandal“s POV:

“Ami will be coming to your house tonight.“ I received Zohma“s text.

“Won“t you be coming?“

“Hell no! I am a Pakistani girl and Pakistani girls don“t go around giving invitations for their own wedding.“

“ You can simply say that you are shy.“


“Allah Haffiz ;).“ Chuckling, I replied to Zohma and get back to work again. I was expecting this visit. Zohma told me that her mother will come to give a formal invitation to her wedding after Ami“s Iddat finished. Which was finished few day ago, so Mamo Sahab takes us to his home on weekend. My mother has two brothers and both of them lives together in a joint family system. It was fun being with cousins and I also got the chance to tell them that we are planning to go back. Mamo Sahab (elder mamo) wasn“t happy with this idea and Mamo Jan( younger mamo) was too worried about Ami“s health. But when Areeba told them that we want to go back for Hareem, Mamo Jan give up. Basically, it really was for Hareem, she wants to study there with her friends and classmates who survive from attack and be for those family who lost their kids. Both Areeba and I were amazed on her maturity and confidence. Honestly, her feelings are respectable in every way and we want to give her all our support. So, we decided to tell both of our Mamo-s and ask their help for moving back. It was hard to make Mamo Sahab agree but somehow we succeeded. Now, we have only one month before Hareem“s school started and one month to pack our stuff. I haven“t told Zohma about it. It is no use in the first place, she is getting married in two weeks. So, there is no point in bothering her. Besides, she will get busy in her new life and things will change eventually.

I yawn and tried to keep my eyes open. I didn“t sleep properly since it“s settled that we are going back. Like others, I am excited too, as well as afraid to face our empty home. Where we meet Papa, Shobi and Palwisha on everything. It will be hard.

I yawn again and glance at the clock, it“s almost Sir“s coffee time. I sighed and got up, this man sure drinks coffee a lot. He will die one day for drinking it so much in this hot weather.

Plus why I have to make tea and coffee for him? Why can“t he drink the coffee/tea that is made for the rest of staff?

It“s only for few more days....

Yes, it“s only for few more days so I should do it properly. I sighed and prepared coffee. Taking the cup in my I walk into Sir“s office. He was busy in call leaning back in his seat. When he saw me he straightened himself. I put the cup on the table. He narrows his eyes at me and tilts his head a little, mentioning it is enough for now. I turn on my heels and without wasting a second I walk back to my office. I grab my bag and took out a pocket mirror. Quickly I check my face whether there is something on it. It is clean, so why Sir looked at me like that?

I shrugged and get back to work.


"Where is Ahmed?" Sir Ibrar asks turning his full attention towards me. "He is about to leave."

"Hm! He is being very busy lately because of wedding preparations." I nodded in agreement.

"So, you are free to go home or you still have work?"

"Sir Ahmed gives me off for the day.... but I wanted to discuss you something before leaving."

"Sure! What is it beta?" He smiles.

"I told you about quitting my job." He nodded and I continue, "I want to quit it from F

g me about my first visit to Sandal“s house.


Sandal“s POV:

Yesterday was a surprise for me. I never thought that Sir Ahmed would come to my house and I was nervous too. Working with him is different than meeting him at home. He is the total opposite of what he is at work and it“s hard for me to handle his normal self.

He didn“t come office today so I called him to ask if I could meet him. He said he will be there before off timings. So, I was waiting for his arrival.

I heard a knock and Sir came in.

"I am not late am I?" he asks and I shake my head in negative.

"Good! Come." He mentioned me to come to his office and walks out. I pick my bag and follow him, slowly I opened the door and step inside.

"Sit." He ordered and also slump down on his seat, after taking off his coat.

"You wanted to talk?" He says in his serious business tone. He usually likes this when he is tired because of workload.

"Yes..... Sir, I was appointed here on temporary bases I assume that Sir Ibrar told you."

"Yes, he did. And if I remember correctly, you will quit the job to continue your studies." He says leaning back in his seat.

"Yes, Sir."

"So, what about it?"

Is it just me or he is being overly serious today???

"I will quit soon."

"How soon?" A frown formed on his forehead instantly.

"This week actually ... I also bring my resignation." I looked at him and he was staring at me.

"....But I can work for this month if you don“t find a suitable assistant soon."

"And what about after this month?" He raised every eyebrow.

"Than you will have to manage. I won“t be here after a month."

"What do you mean by won“t be here? Where are you going?" There was an authority in his voice.

"Back to Peshawar."

He stays quiet for a long time, just staring at me and then this is getting awkward.

"Sir?" I call him.

"You are not allowed to go..... anywhere." His voice was deadly serious.



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