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   Chapter 21

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Sandal“s POV:

With shaking hands, I rang my house bell. The door soon opened by Hareem. Swelled eyes, red nose..... I don“t want the reason behind it.

Asalam o Allaikum bajjo!"

"Wallaikum Salam." As I step into the living room, I saw Ami sitting numbly on the floor, clenching two bags to her chest.

"Ami...!" I shouted and ran towards her. Throwing my bag on the side I sit in front of her. She looked at me and before dropping her eyes to bags again.

"Ami!.... Ami looks at me. " I said cupping her face with my both hands.

"B-bags....are here.... b-but where are kids? Sandal why didn“t you“re brother and sister come back?..... call them Sandal .... ask them.... when are they coming back?"

"Ami ....!" I embraced her tightly.

"Ask them, Sandal..... Ask them.... they say they won“t come....... why won“t they..... I sent them with these bags...... why didn“t they..... ask them why they take away my kids like that-" she start shouting hysterically and I tightened my grip on her to calm her. I can also hear Hareem sobs and Areeba voice, who is trying to hush her.

Slowly Ami sobs died down and her body relaxed a bit. Hareem and I helped her get up and make her to the bed. Areeba quickly brought dinner, which she barely eats and lay down after taking medicine.

"Go to sleep bajjo. I will take care of Ami." Areeba says after a while, as she sits beside me.

"Areeba! Does anything else come with bags?"

"You mean school notification?" I nodded.

"Hareem has it."

".....Did she say anything?"

"She wants to go back." She sighed.


"I think you should ask her to yourself." Nodding my head I got up and walk to my room. Where Hareem was looking at Palwisha“s stationery items.

"Hareem! Aren“t you sleepy? It“s getting late." I asked, taking out my clothes from the closet.

"Bujjo! Don“t you miss them?" I hands stopped for a moment before I turn around to face her. She was standing near closet with questioning eyes. Cupping her face I kissed her forehead.

"Of course I miss them..... a lot."

"Then why don“t you cry like everyone else?"

"Because you can“t always cry ..... I miss them in every minute. So, would it be okay if I cry every minute?" She shook her head in negative.

"Go to bed." I patted her head and walk into the bathroom.

A cold shower feels relaxing in this warm weather. It washed away all my tiredness. It would“ve been better if it“s washed away my pain too.

“Bujjo! Don“t you miss them?“

I sigh and finished bathing quickly. Walking out from the bathroom I peek into Ami“s room making sure she is sleeping, I prayed Isha prayer. After praying I lay down beside Hareem and hugged her from the back. I love cuddle someone or something while sleeping.

"Bujjo?" Hareem call.


"Can I say something?"


"I want to go back."

"........why? Don“t you like here?" I know that was coming.

"No. I like here. I also made new friends but I want to go because I am not coward..... I am

ust I never thought about her that way."

"Well, now you can." My tense muscles relaxed when I get a hint of a positive response.

"But when did this happen? You two don“t seem to be close and you telling us now when both of you already made a decision of being together.... does Sandal“s mother know about this?" There was still disbelief in her voice with a bit of anger too.

"Ami, first and most important. Sandal doesn“t know anything. Second, it“s my one-sided feelings. Third, I am telling you this right now because I want you to talk to Sandal“s mother."

"You mean, you“re serious about it?"

"Yes ami, that“s why I told you."

"I know but still........ I can“t believe my son is confessing his love for a girl and want me to ask her hand in marriage ..... I always thought you will bring a model home one day and announced her your wife." She sighed.

"Okay, Ami! Please don“t insult me any further." I said in an irritated manner.

"Sorry beta. I am still confused that should I dance a happy dance or sit still in a daze. This dream might over soon."


"Fine fine.... I will talk to your sister first." She says getting up.

"She already knew .... just tell her that you want to meet Sandal“s family."

"Beta this is improper to bring up such talk when you know what happened to their family. "

"I know, that“s why I am saying this." She gave me a weird look and walk into the house.

"Come back inside the house."

"Coming." I got up and also walk into the house, relaxed and satisfied. All irritation is vanished ....... soon there will be a day when I walk into my house with Sandal as my wife.


Salam and Hello!

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Ahmed finally take a step towards Sandal.... but would Sandal welcome it? Or pushed him away? And will Ahmed stay silent if Sandal rejects him?

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