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   Chapter 20

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Sandal“s POV:

"Zohma, why are meeting for lunch?" I whined.

"Friends don“t need reasons to meet." She stated.

"Okay fine!"

"Good, I“ll pick you."

" okay! Allah Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz."

Ending the call I glance at the notebook which has today“s schedule of Sir. I have to inform him about it but, too hesitant to do it. It was never my favorite task, to begin with. It always ruining my morning. Because it“s my first work early in the morning and he was used to humiliate me with his stupid comments on my lack of professional training. But things started to change slowly and for an unknown reason, he stopped humiliating me. Now... he just stares, holding a glint in his eyes that cannot be described in words. His gaze never leaves me and makes me uncomfortable to the point that sometimes I start to stutter.

I don“t want this day same to them, as I already feel pathetic enough for yesterday. Knocking the door I walked inside.

"Assalam o Allaikum Sir."

"Wallaikum Assalam!"

"Sir toda-" I start saying but cut at the beginning.

"Sandal I thought Zohma give you my message to take a day off." There was anger in his voice as well as in his eyes.

"Eh?.... ah.... yes." I look down after taking a glance at him.

"Still you“re here...... why?"

"I am fine now. There wasn“t any need for a day off."

"Is that so?"

A frown formed on my forehead, I didn“t like his tone. So I didn“t answer him just nodded.

"Hm!.... okay..... good." He said staring into space and suddenly got up.

"Go and grab your phone, you are going with me." He says as he closed his laptop.

"Huh?..... where?"

"For breakfast, I am hungry."

"But I am not." I said abruptly, "I mean... I already took my breakfast."

"Than just have a cup of coffee and give me company."

"Company?" My eyes widened.

What is he talking about .....

"What?" He asked frowning and I hurriedly shook my head.

"Good! Go and pick your things, hurry."

"But Sir-"

"Sandal, I don“t like no for an answer." He said in a monotonous voice.

First his sister and now him.... does this stubbornness run through all of his family??

I stomp back to my office, grab my bag and mobile. Walking behind him silently we both sit in the car.

He was wearing white check shirt and black

lip I also walk into the cabin. He didn“t look at me nor say a word. Later he orders breakfast for himself and a coffee for me. Luckily, he ate silently and switched into his business mod again. Which was best for me.... I can“t handle more of his smirks and unusual behavior.


"Sandal! I am coming to pick you. Get ready."


"Huh?...Why? What about our lunch?"

"I don“t care about any lunch." I yelled on phone and hung up. I angry and embarrassed and I am afraid if I meet Zohma now I will let my anger out on her.

But later I ended up having lunch with Zohma. Both of these siblings sure know how to boss others. Sighing I opened my Id to reply to APS mail. I have to do this before they contact Ami. As my emails opened my eyes narrow on first mail, which was from school authorities. Quickly I read it and my body went numb. It is a confirmation letter. Whether we have received Shoaib“s and Palwasha“s bags that sent from authorities or not.

I lean on my seat back lifelessly. All mine and Areeba“s efforts gone to waste. We came back from where we started.

"Allah! I don“t know how long I can handle this.... help me..... please."

I said out loud and got up for Zohar prayer.


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