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   Chapter 19

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Ahmed“s POV:

Stepping into my office I untie my tie and cuffs. Going in a suit on site was a big mistake. Even after taking off my coat it feels like I am going to melt in any second. I never liked summer, you have to be so careful about dressing specifically when you have outdoor work.

I walk into bathroom take off my shirt and washed my face. While constructing this building I especially designed this washroom with a wardrobe that is attached to my office.

Taking out a cream color shirt I wore it and fold up its sleeves. Feeling much fresh I go directly to the kitchen and made coffee for myself. Walking back to the office I take a sip of it and made a sour face.

Sandal where are you, when I need the coffee you made.....

Taking a deep sigh I looked at her office door and without thinking I walked into it.

"Huh?" My jaw drop opens when I saw Sandal sitting on her seat with her head on the table. I feel anger boiling up in me.

What is she doing here at this hour???

Loudly I cleared my throat to make my presence known, but when she didn“t move I walk to her and put the coffee cup on the table so it can produce a loud sound.

Still, no movement.....

I called her name several times but no response.

Don“t tell me she is sleeping here....

I patted her head first, but she didn“t move. Then by holding her from shoulders, I raised her head but it fell on the desk again with a “thud“ sound.

"No way! Not again..." I mumbled and quickly check her pulse.

Her pulse was normal and her breathing too. I scooped her from the seat and lay her down on the carefully couch. Looking at her worriedly I took out my phone to call Zohma..... No!....This is not the best idea, if I call her, she will definitely ask me questions. She is so overprotective of her. But if I don“t call her......

No! Telling her is the right thing. I called Zohma and told her the whole situation.

Ending the call I walked back to Sandal desk to take the coffee cup. Then my eyes landed on the computer screen. I sit down to read the opened mail.

A frown formed on my forehead as I start reading it.

Will she go back???

I glance at her before focusing back on emails and I did a thing that might call a violation of privacy. I copy her all contacts and send it to my ID.

Shutting down PC, I take out my phone and call Zohma again, to bring a doctor with her. I went back where Sandal was and kneel down to take a closer look at her face. It is pale white now, the pinkish blush from yesterday is nowhere to be seen. Slowly I took off her glasses.

"I will not allow you leave me, Sandal...." whispering those words to her I got up.


"Is this the first time she collapsed like this?" Dr. Asks after Sandal“s checkup. I am glad that Zohma didn“t bring our family doctor.

"No, it happened before." Zohma answered.

"How many time?"

"Once in a month maybe. Actually.... it all started at the death of her three family members in December. But it is getting more frequent in this month." Zohma said and I looked at her frowning. She never sp

I will stop her from leaving, one way or another. But it doesn“t mean that she will agree to marry me.

She never clings to me like other stupid girls..... No flattery, no flirting.... hell, she doesn“t even talk to me much, nor even smile once. Still, she became that special person whom I really wanted to cherish. ....Someone who sneaks into the darkest part of my heart and candled a gentle light there.... warm and gentle light, that put my restlessness at ease......

She might don“t know, how essential she becomes to me....I can“t let her go now. When I found that person whom I want to spend my life with.

I will never let you go....


Sandal“s POV:

I felt peaceful laying my head on Ami“s lap, as she creases her soft fingers in my hairs. Areeba cover for me again. She told Ami that a big box of files fall on me when I was taking out things from the cupboard and lost consciousness. Ami believed this story and her anger melt away.

I slowly close my eyes and open it the next moment, realizing that Sir Ahmed can be the one who lay down me on a couch.

Of course, he was the one..... it“s impossible for Zohma ......

My subconscious snapped at me.

"Ya Allah ...." I cried feeling pathetic and embarrassed. Biting lower lip and squeezing my eyes shut I turned my head to another side.

"Beta, do you head still hurts?" Asked Ami“s worried voice.

"No Ami, I am fine." I hold her hand and place a kiss on it.

That“s right, I am fine. As long as I have Ami and my sisters by my side I am fine. I close my eyes and let sleep take over me.


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