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   Chapter 18

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Sandal“s POV:

I step into my home saying “Assalam o Allaikum “ loudly but my steps come to halt when I found Ami walking towards me.

I am in trouble ....

"Assalam o Allaikum Ami."

"Wallaikum Assalam, do you know what time it is?"

"Eight thirty."

"Do you remember that I allowed you to do this job because you will get back before Maghrib. And now it“s almost Isha time."

"Sorry, Ami. I was busy."

"Were you in office?"



"I was in a meeting with Sir... when we about to come back he bumped into a pole and his nose starts to bleed badly.... it wasn“t right to ask him to drop me home like this. So, we went to the hospital on our way here." I told half truth and half lie.

Please forgive Allah for lying to my mother ......

"Is your boss blind that he can“t see the pole in front of him?"

"Ami???" I looked in her shock, " what“s wrong with you? What are you saying?"

She was about to say something but Areeba interrupted, "Ami at least let her come in. You can take her class later."

Thanks, sis......

Ami gets the point and walks back to the sofa. I mouthed “Thank you“ to Areeba and she went into kitchen mentioning me to follow her. I put my stuff on the bed, take a quick shower, change into some comfortable and go to the kitchen where Areeba was preparing dinner.

"Whats for dinner?" I asked happily.

"Daal Chawal."

"Thank God.....! I am so hungry."

"Why? Didn“t your boss ask you for dinner?"

"Uff....First Ami and now you too? What wrong with you guys?" I turn her to face me holding both of her shoulders.

"What is wrong with me....? what is wrong with you bajjo? You suppose to come home before Maghrib. Plus you were a stranger.... with a man alone all the time. Do you have any idea how worried I was? I lied to Ami because of it that two other colleagues of your are with you."

"Areeba... you were listening when I told the reason why I was late?"

"I am not questioning your reason bajjo. I am mad at you because you kept ignoring my texts when I asked you where you were. You should be more careful.... at least tell us your location when you are alone with him."

"Wait! Are you worried about me being with him?" She didn“t answer.


"Yes!" She stated.

I sighed and said, "Listen! .....He might be rich and a jerk, but he is not that kind of man. He can be trusted."

"And what makes you so sure about it???"

Her question got me off guard, I didn“t understand how to answer her while I am not even sure why I say such thing. I don“t know him much, so why I believe that he will not harm me.

"See! That“s what I am worried about." She said and passed across me, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

After it whenever I tried to bring up the topic, she dodges it.


Ahmed“s POV:

I punched the punching bag again and again. I feel frustrated?......Yes!......I was keeping this secret from everyone,..... only my few friends and my family knows about it..... and now that girl.... that weird girl knows.

But, am I mad at her?...... No!..... I am not...... I hate the fact that I can“t be angry at her



"What happened to Ahmed“s nose?"

"I hit him." I said without realizing whom I was answering. I came to my senses when I heard Sir Ibrar“s shocked voice.

"What?... Ahmed is that true?" He looked at Sir who was glaring at me.

"Yes! I mean no.... actually as we were coming back from meeting Sir was walking behind me. I didn“t realize that he was like...... really behind me. So when I hung my bag on shoulder, my elbow accidentally hit his nose........ so that“s what happened .....Sir." I said this all in a single breath and mumble the last part when I saw them both staring at me wide eyes.

As I shut my mouth Sir Ibrar chuckled.

" It would have been a sight. I think I would love to see Ahmed being hit by a girl."

"Mamo!" Sir Ahmed frowned at him but he chuckled again and I kept looking at my hands on my lap for saving myself from further embarrassment.


There is still time in going home so quickly I print out all official E-mails and open my personal E-mail account. Since moving to Karachi this is my first time opening it. I go through all the emails one by one. Most were from my classmates and friends asking where I am??

But the mail caught my attention was from APS. It was an invitation for Hareem, joining the opening ceremony of school after reconstructions. There was also a notice for student“s parent about the start of the educational session and rehabilitation session for students.

I read that mail again and again and my mind started to show flashback images of the incident day.

Loud ambulance sirens, yelling doctors, screams, painful cries.... all of the voices start to echo in my mind. Feeling suffocation I stood up to go out but sudden dizziness caused me to sit back again. I put my head down on my desk and soon everything black out.


Assalam o Allaikum and hello:

Beta: means “son“ but sometimes people call their daughter by word “beta“ too.

So here is chapter 19. I hope you guys like it. I“ll be uploading chapter 20 soon too.

Don“t forget to vote.

Take care :)

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