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   Chapter 17

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Sandal“s POV:

They were right ..... Sir send Ali and Hamna on lunch and attend meeting with me. But I don“t understand why I was there when he was doing everything by himself. The things I do was taking short naps or count how many times Sir open and clenching his hands during presentations. He always does that during presentations.

After three shorts naps the meeting finally ended. I ask for his permission to go home but he refused and right now I am with him, in his car, sitting uncomfortably beside him on passenger seat, going to an unknown destination.

Its always like this, no matter how hard I tried, I don“t feel comfortable when he is around .....

Normally I ignore if someone made me uncomfortable ..... but I am not able to ignore him.... I felt being read, whenever he is around. Like he is watching me without looking at me and if I lower my guard a little he will see through my soul.......Somehow he made me feel conscious of him.

Spinning my thumb ring, I took a glance of him. He was looking at windscreen and driving with one hand while other hand was resting on car window. Wearing a charcoal colour suit, he really looks like a real movie star.

Well, if rich people like him don“t look like a movie star then who else????

I sighed and start looking out of window. Suddenly Sir“s phone rang and I felt something dropped on my lap. I look at it and it was Sir“s phone.

"Answer the call and tell him that we are on our way." He ordered but I kept looking at him.

Is he asking me to use his personal phone...?

"Answer the call Sandal. What are you looking at...?" He yelled and I abruptly attend the call.

"Hello! Assalam o Allaikum?"

"Ahaaa! Wallaikum Assalam. Let me guess.... this lovely voice belong to Benish. Right?"

"Eh?" I looked at Sir but he wasn“t looking my way. "No... I am-"

"Sandal!.... I know." He cut me in middle. "So tell me sweetheart .... how are you?" He asked me frankly.

Who is he???

"I..... I am fine.... but do I know you?" I heard a fake gasp from the other side.

"Oh my! Sweetheart ... I didn“t introduced myself?"

Okay! This is enough ....

"Stop calling me sweetheart." I said angrily and Sir“s head snapped towards me.

"Okay, how about I call you hon-" Before he could complete the sentence Sir snatched phone from me.

"It“s me.... we are coming in ten minutes." He said and hung up.

"Can“t you do anything right? And don“t be so easy on men...." He shouted and speed up the car.

What was that???

After five to seven minutes the car stops in front of a huge house. It was a mansion rather than a house.

"Come." He said getting out from the car. I copy his movements and got out from the car and followed him as he enter the mansion. Instantly we were greeted buy a voice.

"Oh My! Sandal..... you“re finally here." Said a tall men in his early thirties coming towards us. I practically jump from shock hearing my name from his mouth.

"Assalam o Allaikum sweetheart." He came close and lean down to my face. Startled by hi

Few moments passed and both of us said nothing. Sir starts the car and drove me to my home.

"Allah Haffiz!" I said as I about to step outside the car.



"I didn“t want to shout at you." He said without looking at me.

"...... it“s okay ....... and ...I was telling the truth. One could easily tell by observing...... you have so many lights in your house, in your room, in your office ..... You never turn off car lights ..... you avoid going to places with dim lights .... Even during any presentations you kept your focus on screen so that darkness don“t bother you.... it was a simple guess, which is confirm now." I tried to be careful with my words as much as I can, so he won“t be offended. It is clear as day that he kept it a secret from all and now his secret is known to a stranger, it might not feel very uncomfortable.

I raised my head to look him and found him staring at me intensely. His gaze held so many emotions that it startled me. Not knowing what to do, I abruptly step outside saying “Allah Haffiz“ and walk to my apartment without looking back.


Ahmed“s POV:

I sit there dumbfounded, watching her going into her apartment. Even when she disappeared from my sight I kept staring into empty space.

There are only three types of people in my world. Me, me family and everyone else. But now she is becoming the fourth.

For the first time in life, I feel someone sneaking quietly into the walls I have built around me and allowed no one to enter. But she is making her way in and I couldn“t do anything except letting her in.

“One could easily tell by observing“

Her words echo in my mind.

"Silly girl, no one could easily tell ....."

I start my car and drove back to my house.


Assalam o Allaikum and hello:

Sorry for late update ..... my dear grandmother passed away last week, so... I was a little disturbed. Hope you guys understand :(

Plz pray for my grandmother.

Don“t forget to vote and comment ...

Take Care!

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