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   Chapter 16

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Ahmed“s POV:

I groan at the loud ringing of my phone. Opening my one eye I read the caller ID “Imran“.

"Hello?" I yelled on phone.

"Rise and shine honey."

"Shut up!"

"Get ready I am coming to pick you up."

"Right now? What time is it?" I asked yawning.

"Five forty three a.m."

"Go to sleep Imran and let me sleep too."

"Hey! I am going out of county today. So hurry up and get ready."

"Fine!" I cut the call and got up. I take shower, Brush my teeth. Wear jeans with a gray colour T-shirt and got ready. I rushed to kitchen take out an apple and start walking towards the main gate of my house.


"Al-Musawir" Imran mumbled looking at sun rise.

We both stood at shore starting at the sun as it slowly rises from sea. The voice we can hear was chirping if birds and sound of peaceful waves. Cold water touches my feet sending pleasant sensation to mind. After a very long silence Imran spoke up.

"Armaghan and I went to Peshawar last week ....." He said looking at waves, like he was focusing on something. After a pause he continued, "I was told that Sandal“s

little sister was shot in arm.... Her injury is better now but she still need help to recover from the shock. So she is under treatment of a famous psychiatric........ Sandal....had appointment too with psychiatric one... but later it was cancelled."

"Why Sandal had an appointment?" A frown formed on my forehead.

"That“s exactly what I wanted to know ...... that“s why we both went to her hometown...... it was hard but we were able to get some information...... remember the rumours about APS attack, that the kids were butchered?"

"I remember." I mumble.

"It seems those rumours were true and Sandal“s brother was one of those unlucky kids......... and her little sister died in the suicide blast in class..... there was nothing left to found....... Sandal and her classmates collected the dead bodies." I stopped and both of us went to complete silence.

I wasn“t thinking anything ..... I was staring at waves as they come and goes but not looking them, I can hear the chirping of birds but wasn“t listening them..... I stood numb.....

"You know..... it“s not normal for a person to face such loss and take a new start so soon...... especially a girl."

"She is in the state of denial?" I said out loud, it was more like a question rather than a statement.

"Perhaps or perhaps not..... Even if she is in denial state, I consider it better than other worse things that could happen to her.............."

I sighed and massage my temples, "It“s too much to take in."

"Hmmm, it is." He chuckle a little and continue. "It may sound stupid to you but..... After k


"Yeah...! Sure. No problem...... anyways Congrats to both of you."

"Thank you." They both say unison.

"By the way, this the way of Sir showing is that he is happy from our work.... sometimes he did order us to attend this sort of project meetings. But in the end he sends both of us on lunch or dinner and attend the meeting alone." Said Ali.

"Its kind of sweet of him." Hamna smiled.

"It“s hard for me to believe." I said looking at them in disbelieve.

"It must be. You see he don“t open up to everyone one..... he takes time to trust others ...... once you get to know him better you will find lots of qualities in him." Ali said.

"Hmmm! May be....." I end the topic.

Is it just me or my life is really start revolving around Sir Ahmed???

If I am in office, its him.... My only friend from before is his sister. My co-leagues are his fan. In home whenever I am alone with Sobia baji she talk about him..... why him????

I shook my head unconsciously.

"What“s wrong?" Hamna asked.

"Eh?... ah... I was just thinking that if he is again planning to send you on lunch or whatever, then what about me?.... what will I do?"

"Umm..... may be you will attend meetings with him?" Hamna said, it was more like like a question rather than an answer.

"Hm.... may be!" Ali agreed with her.

Great ..... as much as I avoid being seen out with him, it keeps coming to me ....


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