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   Chapter 15

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Sandal“s POV:

"I am glad to know that Zohma has a real friend by her side now. I was starting to feel guilty." Azhar bhai said.

"There is no need for you to feel guilty." Zohma said, frowning.

And I look back & forth between them in confusion.

"You don“t know much, do you?" Azhar bhai asked, looking at my confused expression.

"Know what?"

"My so-called friends abandoned me because I am getting married." Said Zohma, venom dripping from her every word.

"Eh? ......Why would anybody abandon a friend for getting married? And what does it have to do with Azhar bhai?" I asked Zohma but she wouldn“t say anything.

Right now, we are sitting in a garden. And by “we, I mean Muskan, Azhar bhai, Zohma and me. While Sir, his mother and Azhar bhai“s parents are deciding the date of the wedding. Zohma was too shy to sit there, so she leaves first, dragging me with her.

Muskan doesn“t want to be a part of that boring elderly conversation, so she tags along with us, so did Azhar bhai. According to him, he has clarified that the marriage has to be held in the next month and since he is a kind man, he gives the elders the honor of taking care of the dates.

"Listen," he readjusts his position on his chair to face me."I have been studying at the same university with them on a scholarship. There was no way a person of middle-class background as me could enter there on his own. So..... they hated me for being a commoner and..... for snatching away their chance to be a part of the Wali“s." He said, winking.

"Chance?" I asked in confusion.

"Common sense, Sandal baji...." Muskan said, pointing her index finger to her head," There were many boys who had asked for baji“s hand in marriage to become an in-law of the Wali Family. Which can bring huge fame, plus money."

Wow! She talks like sir....

"Muskan! You“re a ditto of Sir Ahmed." I said in amazement.

"Haish! Don“t compare me to bhai. He is too..... simple. I am the brain of the Wali Family." She says, holding her chin up in the air. Which made us all laugh.

"Well, someone is full of herself." Azhar bhai said to Muskan. She replied him, but my mind was too preoccupied to notice what she said. I turned my attention to Zohma.

"Was what Azhar bhai said was true?" I whispered to her and she nodded in affirmation.

“But you didn“t tell me.“ I wanted to say, but kept it to myself. I am in no position to complain to her about not telling as I was keeping things from her too. I didn“t even tell her about my family. And I thank Allah that he helped me dodge the topic every time she or her family tries to bring it up. I don“t want to hide it, but I also don“t want anyone“s pity. Allah had given me those three, and now, he had taken back what he gave. So why should I hear condoling words.?

"Oye!" Zohma shook my arm, dragging me back to reality.

"Sorry, what?" I asked.

"You were spacing out!" Said Azhar bhai.

"Oh! .....I am sorry.... I was just thinking about what Azhar bhai said. I felt this kind of hatred from only one person and it really pissed me off. I wonder how you managed it."

"You have no idea..... Well, there are lots of stories if you want to listen." He said, chuckling. "But who is the person you were talking about?"

"My boss." I said, rolling my eyes and everyone looked at me wide eyes, including Muskan who was busy in doing something on her tablet.

"Um... are you talking about Ahmed bhai?" Azhar bhai asked, narrowing his eyes on me.

"Who else?" He chuckled in response and looked away.

"Sandal, he does not hate you nor disrespect you." Said Zohma.

Yeah! Like I would believe this.....

"You don“t believe me?" Zohma asked when I didn“t give any response.

"No, I don“t."

"Sandal, I agree with Zohma. He does not hate you........ Actually, he is not one of those people who tolerate the presence of their disliked people around them. So, you“re in a safe zone." He smiled.


Zohmas POV:

I mentally face palmed myself when Sandal said that bhai hates her. I can“t believe how thick headed she is.

Stupid friend of mine ...... my brother likes you. More than you think....

Everyone who is close to bhai noticed the changes in him. He stops going out with famous models, no more truck art type girls around him. He has been avoiding Anam too. He starts spending more time with his friends, taking us out for shopping and dinners. It“

new it, I was crying. Bhai hugged me tightly and patted my head gently.

"I am a horrible friend, bhai.... I was so engrossed in my marriage preparation that I didn“t notice anything.....!"

"Sshh...... It“s okay.... it“s okay. Don“t cry.... I“ll take you to her house tomorrow, okay?" Bhai cooed, "Muskan, take her to her room and make sure she sleeps."


Ahmed“s POV:


I combed my hair with my fingers..... After sending Zohma back to her room, I turn to ami. She was standing still, staring into empty space. I sighed.

"Ami, youre going to be late for Isha namaz."

"Huh? .....yes ......I am going." Said ami.

"Shab a khair, ami."

"Shab a khair, beta." She said and went to her room. I also walk into my room. Took a quick shower, wore my night trousers and slump onto the bed. All the happiness about Zohmas marriage died down in a second. My thoughts are clouded and my head feels heavy. I easily said that I“ll take Zohma to Sandal“s house but I am not sure how to face her after knowing all this..... I don“t even know if the rest of her family is safe.

I took my phone and called Imran.

"Assalam o allaikum, bro!" I heard Imran“s voice.

"Wallaikum Assalam..... Where are you?"

"Still on shooting.... What“s up?"

"I need your help."

"Hm... spill."

"I want information about Sandal“s family."

"Eh? ....I thought you already have done a background check." He sounds surprised.

"No, I haven“t."

"Bro, are you losing your touch or are you serious about her?"

"Look, Immi! Save this for later. For now, I just want the information as soon as possible."

"I already have it." He said in a calm tone.

"You have??? But why?"

"Save this for later.... I am busy now, so I“ll give you her basic details. Listen carefully. She lived in Peshawar before coming here. She had four siblings. Her father was a teacher in an Army Public School. She lost her father, brother and youngest sister in the terrorist attack. Luckily, one of her sister that went to that school survived. There are many other things too. I will tell you later, okay. Allah Haffiz." He said and hung up.

I lay frozen in bed, registering everything Imran had said.

After a few minutes, I was able to mutter, Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji“oon.......

It was too much to take in all at once. I can“t imagine how her family faced this tragedy. Losing half the family in one day.....

I closed my eyes and sighed.



Ami: mother.

Abbu: father.

Saale sahab /saala: wife“s brother.

Bhabi: brother“s wife

Assalam o Allaikum and hello:

It was hard to write this chapter, I keep remembering the day of the incident....

May Allah bless victims souls and have mercy on their families.


Anyways! Here is the new chapter ...... once again I apologize for my mistakes as this story is not edited yet.

Don“t forget to vote and comment.

Take care :)

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